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Automotive Franchises: Sample Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

If you're an automotive franchise you may want to consider tracking these objectives and key results (OKRs). Check out the list of potential OKRs here!
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10 Ways to Leverage Unit-Level Performance Data for Franchise Growth

Here are 10 ways you can start leveraging unit-level performance data for franchise growth! We discuss choosing the right metrics, trust building, & more!
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Re-Visit Your Franchise Buyer Personas to Boost Development

We're discussing franchise buyer personas & how to develop them to boost franchise growth! Learn how to create personas that work for your franchise.
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10 Marketing Tips for Franchisors

Franchise development marketing helps companies increase their profits, retain customers and reach new audiences. Learn 10 tips for franchisors here.
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Defining Your Franchise’s Unique Selling Points and Showcasing Them to Potential Franchisees

Are you a franchisor looking to grow? You should understand how to define your franchise's unique selling points & share them with potential franchisees.
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Leveraging LinkedIn to Attract New Franchisees

Leveraging LinkedIn to attract new franchisees is easier with FranConnect. Request a demo to see how we can help streamline operations & boost engagement!
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