FranConnect Royalty Manager

Easily Manage the entire royalty process

Streamline the royalty calculation process, eliminate errors, & reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) all in a single application.

Calculate and process royalties
Amount of Royalties Processed Annually

Optimize Your Royalty Management

Calculating royalties can be complicated based on complex franchise agreements. Followed by time spent on producing invoices and following up with multiple franchisees for payments, finance teams are spending time away from what is most important in the business – growing and becoming more profitable.  

Sales Detail to Calculate Royalties for a franchise

Import Sales Directly into Royalty Manager

Once sales are imported into Royalty Manager, the system will calculate all royalties owed based on the franchise agreement. FranConnect’s Royalty Manager eliminates manual errors in calculations and invoicing, as well as reduces the time spent on reconciling invoices and chasing payments from franchisees. This ultimately increases cashflow for the business and allows teams to focus on other tasks to drive business growth. 

Create invoices

Produce Invoices for Each Franchisee

Once sales are imported and royalties are calculated, invoices for each franchisee are automatically created and can be sent on a schedule to ensure that processing times are met 

Create invoices
Reconcile invoices and apply payments

Collect & Reconcile Payments to Invoices

Franchisors can enable Invoice-to-Pay in the Royalty Manager module and streamline the collection process through either automatic or manual payments. Once a payment is initiated, franchisors will have complete visibility into the status of each payment 

Create invoices

Reconcile Invoices & Reporting

From sales import to payment, finance teams can easily reconcile all invoices and report on status of each invoice – providing a complete view into the royalty management process. 

Create invoices
A screenshot of the royalty overview tab within FranConnect's platform

Features & Benefits

FranConnect’s Royalty Manager is a true end-to-end solution for the royalty collection process. 

  • Reduce time spent calculating royalties 
  • Eliminate errors and increase cashflow 
  • Consolidated view of all invoices, status of invoices, and payments against invoices* 
  • Dashboards to measure and track all royalty and invoice revenue for the business  

*Payments against invoices require Invoice to Pay to be enabled for the company.  

Franchisors will have a birds-eye view of all invoice and payment statuses, 51% of franchisors say incoming payment visibility is critical for budgeting and managing network capital. Tracking payments can be overwhelming for AR teams, exacerbated by disparate tools and difficult payment networks to maneuver. By integrating ‘Invoice to Pay’ solution, FranConnect can support full invoice and payment lifecycles for franchisors and their franchisees. 

Franchise royalty payments process

FranConnect Payments & Royalty Manager Solution

FranConnect Payments & Royalty Manager Solution is the single source of truth for all franchise agreement financial terms (Royalty, Ad Fund, Technology Fee, Sales Fee Calculation, non-financial categories). Stakeholders can quickly view rules that apply for a unit or multi-unit franchise during a certain time period from a centralized solution.  Our platform ensures consistent Sales collection, reducing sales gathering and manual data entry overhead by having FranConnect fetch the sales numbers directly from your franchisees’ point of sale system.   

Franchise royalty payments process
Franchise Agreement to automatically calculate the amount of royalties on a location

Precise Royalty Calculations

Compute accurate royalty calculations with complex agreement rules, rate structures and monthly/weekly fee schedules stored within FranConnect.  

Create invoices

Transparent Royalty Invoicing

Increase transparency with your franchisees by generating automated royalty invoices based on imported or franchisee-entered sales data. Once data is submitted, royalties are automatically calculated, and journal entries made in both the franchisor’s and franchisee’s point-of-sale, QuickBooks, and other financial management tools.  

Create invoices

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