FranConnect Royalty Manager

Optimize your royalty management

Simplify royalty management with a system of record that automatically tracks sales across your franchise system and reduces time spent on critical finance administration tasks.

Optimizing Franchisee Performance

Manage Your Financial Data in One Place

Get a comprehensive and accurate financial picture of your franchise sales. Track royalties, payment history, and other essential financial data by unit or multi-unit franchises – all on a single platform.

Amplify Expertise Across Your Organization

Maintain Consistent Reporting

Eliminate manual data entry, reduce costs and ensure accurate royalty processing with automated sales reporting, royalty calculations, and funds collection.

Gain Visibility into Business Health

Improve Unit Performance

Improve franchisee performance by running system-wide or per-unit revenue and expense trends from franchise systems. Give your franchise business consultants the tools they need to drive improvements.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Units

Automate Invoicing

Generate automated royalty invoices based on imported or franchisee-entered sales data. Streamline royalty collection with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Centralize Operational Elements

Ease the Burden on Franchisees

Simplify and speed-up requests for financial data from your franchisees. Once data is submitted, royalties are automatically calculated, and journal entries made in both the franchisor’s and franchisee’s point-of-sale, QuickBooks and other financial management tools.

Integrate Data from Across Your Business

Manage Financial Reporting On-the-Go

Extend the power of FranConnect to your mobile device. Get a comprehensive, dashboard-based view of your system’s finances with the Royalty Manager Mobile App.

Ready to See FranConnect In Action For Yourself?