The Hub by FranConnect

Engage franchisees with a central communications hub

Envision the day when all your franchisees are active participants in the collective growth of your franchise system. Getting there required consistent communication, information sharing and development that only FranConnect can deliver.

Optimizing Franchisee Performance

Improve Franchisee Engagement

Maintain active engagement with your franchisees and improve communications, promote collaboration, and provide greater support while reducing costs. The Hub is a single place for franchisees to easily find and access the tools, information, and engaging content they need to develop and grow.

Amplify Expertise Across Your Organization

Build a Community

Share ideas and best practices via The Hub’s proprietary social network where franchisees can collaborate and spark action. Group discussions, ePolling, and mobile app push notifications drive higher engagement.

Gain Visibility into Business Health

Centrally Manage Key Materials

Bring all your critical content into a single, secure, permissions-controlled hub. Centrally manage and share operations manuals, marketing assets, and more, while maintaining version control.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Units

Stay Connected with the FranConnect Mobile App

Use the FranConnect Mobile App to access The Hub – so you and your franchisees can stay connected.

Ready to See FranConnect In Action For Yourself?