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Collect Initial Franchisee Fees (IFF) and Open Units Faster

Through improved visibility and increased control over the opening and reopening process

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Sign agreements for new locations faster and reduce the collection of the IFF from over 30 days to as little as 1 day

For many franchise brands, collecting Initial Franchise Fees (IFF’s) and other upfront investments from new franchisees is a manual, error-prone, and inefficient process. The Sign-to-Pay solution allows franchise brands to collect these fees and investments automatically, online, as soon as a franchise agreement is executed. 

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Franchisors can significantly reduce collection time from as long as 2 months to as short as 1 hour – in turn expediting revenue recognition and improving cash flow

Over 65% of businesses experience payment delays or failure to collect fundsFranConnect’s Sign to Pay solution makes receiving initial franchise fees (IFF), and other one-time payments by agreement easier. 

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Sign to Pay is a fast way to request payments and signatures in just one step and get paid instantly- avoiding delays in collecting money-owed

Collect the Initial Franchise Fee (IFF) and any other upfront investments automatically, online, as soon as a franchise agreement is executed. The payment is facilitated via a seamless integration with Flywire into the FranConnect platform that allows new franchisees to submit their payments via a variety of payment methods and currencies. 

  • Easy-to-Use Payment Link at the Agreement Signing Phase. 
  • Franchisors Get Paid Faster. 
  • Prevent Additional Costs and Errors Associated with Manual Processing. 
  • Scale to Other Types of Agreements (Renewals, Transfers, Certification 
  • Programs, Equipment Purchases, or Initial Marketing Fees). 
  • Supports ALL Types of Payment Methods (ACH, Credit Card, Wire Transfers, and Alternate Payment Methods or EFTs).  
  • Perfect for Both Domestic and International Clients. Offer Local Payment Options and Collect in 140+ Currencies and 240+ Countries. 
  • Gain Access to a Fully Compliant, Safe, and Secure Global Payment Network. 
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Customer Success Story

Moe's Southwest Grill Enhances Franchisee Engagement by Sharing Data Openly

“We do a scoring on a location before it opens to see if it is ready for the trainers. We’ll do a walk-through of that stores and do a digital checklist. They’ll send it over to the corporate office and we will get back to the franchise and ask for updates based on the deficiencies that we found. That is a scorecard that is very valuable as well.” – Chris Hammond, Regional Franchise Director, Focus Brands

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