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As a home services brand, you need a multi-location management platform that can help you keep up with the fast-paced and ever-evolving service industry. With FranConnect, your entire location ecosystem is connected and streamlined, giving your sales, operations, finance, support, and marketing teams a fully integrated view of your business operations. Get up and running quickly with pre-configured best practices from more than 1500 brands globally, without any custom coding or outsourced development required. FranConnect’s cloud-native SaaS platform offers unmatched scalability, flexibility, and security, ensuring that your network stays compliant and competitive.

Our customers achieve greater engagement with their field managers and owners, improve operations efficiencies, brand consistency, and achieve greater performance and profitability.

FranConnect Sales Module

Lead Generation & Engagement

The FranConnect Sales module is all-encompassing for franchise sales and performance offering a wide range of benefits to franchisors and brand owners looking to effectively generate leads and drive engagement. With FranConnect, businesses can streamline their sales processes, including automated lead nurturing and targeted prospect identification. This system also facilitates the easy capturing and qualification of leads, enabling businesses to efficiently sort through prospects and focus their efforts on the most promising candidates. The FranConnect Sales module helps franchise businesses unleash their potential and drive growth by connecting the right individuals to their brand.

FranConnect's Command Center on a tablet

Operations Performance Management

Not only will the FranConnect Operate module allow you to measure performance with ease and identify areas for improvement, but it will also give you the ability to set goals for your locations that can be tracked over time. With access to comprehensive data, you can make informed decisions based on real-time insights to optimize your operations. And perhaps most importantly, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have reliable performance insights at your disposal. Thanks to FranConnect’s Operate module, you can streamline your operations management process and enable improved communication, transparency, and accountability across all your locations.

FranConnect's Command Center on a tablet
Overview of FranConnect Store Audits Tracking

Operational Efficiency

By automating administrative processes and reducing manual workload, brands can focus on growing their business and improving customer service. Additionally, the Brand Consistency module centralizes documentation and communication across all locations. The system’s coaching capabilities allow brands to design personalized questionnaires that align with their strategic objectives, enabling field managers to learn and improve their performance, leading to improved operational compliance and sustained success.

FranConnect Info Manager showing overview of locations

Make Informed Decisions

Using FranConnect’s Foundation allows brands to access detailed data and analytics about their locations, which allows them to make data-driven decisions that can positively impact their location system. Brands can access all pertinent data and analytics in one centralized location, which streamlines critical tasks such as FDD administration and minimizes risk. FranConnect’s multi-location management platform provides a comprehensive solution that delivers valuable insights to enable informed decision-making.

FranConnect Info Manager showing overview of locations
A screenshot of FranConnect's World Manager

Employee Engagement: More Engaged Front-Line Employees for Better Customer Experience

Learning and development is a critical tool in the toolkit for successful operations and drives improved unit economics for the owners. Better-trained employees mean faster ramp time and less turnover.

FranConnect provides a way for restaurant businesses to develop and deploy highly customized branded content to support front-line employee training for improved onboarding and engagement and enables brands to monitor engagement success at the unit level. Operations teams are empowered to deliver and monitor best practice training, and access up-to-the-minute data, staff training results, performance appraisals, and satisfaction surveys with benchmark reporting.

Hear Our Customers Tell Their Stories

TruBlue Total House Care

This maintenance and handyman brand with over 800 locations, utilizes the Candidate Portal within FranConnect to support their candidate journey, onboarding of new units, and to gain insight into where they may be a drop off in the sales process. A customer since 2021. 

ProSource Wholesale

Hear Bruce Burnett from ProSource Wholesale as he shares the impact of FranConnect on their sales process. Discover how they utilized the software to empower a personal touch, nurture relationships, and close deals effectively.

Griswold Home Care

From franchise development to having one central location for information, all the way through to marketing operations, learn how the Griswold team achieves a consistent unit opening experience for the franchisee using FranConnect. This growing non-medical home-care brand has been a customer since 2014. 

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