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PFD Foods

Discover PFD Foods’ e-learning transformation. ‘The Pantry’, as the staff calls it, enhances training with mobile access, compliance, communication, and precise records, which are now integral to the company’s daily operations.

Bowser Bean

Bowser Bean reveals their experience post-COVID. Explore ‘The Daily Grind,’ a platform that boosts communication, training, compliance, and efficiency. The team now enjoys gamified learning, smooth onboarding, and better consistency network-wide, with approval from regulators.

Tropical Smoothie Café

Hear how Tropical Smoothie CafĂ© used FranConnect to effectively communicate with prospects and leads – taking their locations in 2010 from 350 to 1215 locations today! Tropical Smoothie CafĂ© and FranConnect have been working together since 2009.  

Capriotti's and WingZone

Discover Capriotti’s and Wing Zone’s growth journey with FranConnect. Hear from David Bloom about premium sandwiches, international expansion, and leveraging the software for end-to-end franchise management, training, operations, and growth optimization.

Boost Juice

Hear how Boost Juice uses the World Manager tool to train their staff even before they enter a store, which increases safety and expedites training. Along with training, they utilize the platform as a main communication tool and operational efficiency program with the FBC’s.


This southern, powerhouse brand utilizes the FranConnect platform to streamline its Sales and Operations teams with a focus on Speed-To-Lead and the corresponding KPIs. The Bojangles team also uses the platform to determine where their leads are coming from so they can focus their marketing efforts in the areas that are lacking.

Griswold Home Care

From franchise development to having one central location for information, all the way through to marketing operations, learn how the Griswold team achieves a consistent unit opening experience for the franchisee using FranConnect. This growing non-medical home-care brand has been a customer since 2014. 

TruBlue Total House Care

This maintenance and handyman brand with over 800 locations, utilizes the Candidate Portal within FranConnect to support their candidate journey, onboarding of new units, and to gain insight into where they may be a drop off in the sales process. A customer since 2021. 


While FranNet serves as a “matchmaker” between franchisors and potential franchisees – their team needed a platform to be able to generate reports on disparate data sources. They are a walking success with the use of FranConnect’s Sales Accelerator application and a customer since 2010. 

Aroma Joe's

Hear how Aroma Joe’s uses the World Manager module to improve employee training for improved onboarding and engagement while maintaining consistency and streamlining the training experience when opening a new door.

Freddy's Frozen Custard

Hear how FranConnect software serves as the system of record to aggregate disparate data from sources across the enterprise at this fast-growing franchise business. Freddy’s is a new FranConnect customer.

HOA Brands

The seasoned franchise development executive shares how FranConnect powers their sales and opening. HOA Brands is the parent company of Hoots Wings and Hooters of America and a customer since 2016.


Hear the CDO’s perspective on the importance of a single unified solution to integrate franchise development, FDD’s, Project management, franchisee management and more. FranConnect has powered QDOBA since 2018.

Taco John's

Unit openings are the name of the game in franchising, and that’s why Taco John’s uses FranConnect to automate the end-to-end franchise development process and bring visibility to the entire team.  A customer since 2013.

ProSource Wholesale

Hear Bruce Burnett from ProSource Wholesale as he shares the impact of FranConnect on their sales process. Discover how they utilized the software to empower a personal touch, nurture relationships, and close deals effectively.

Little Caesars

Discover the unrivaled benefits of FranConnect as a critical and comprehensive tool for lead tracking and seamless communication. Hear firsthand how Little Caesars now empowers and provides unwavering support to every location’s complex needs.

Tijuana Flats

Uncover why FranConnect was essential in helping Tijuana Flats exponentially expand. Learn how our tool streamlined lead generation, goal achievement, and overall growth efficiently and effectively, making us a must-have industry leader.

Payroll Vault

Explore how FranConnect empowers Payroll Vault’s CEO, Sean Manning, to effectively manage and communicate with franchisees, track key performance indicators, streamline sales processes, and facilitate onboarding. Uncover the business success and efficiency FranConnect brings.

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