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Reduce Days to Dollar & Open Locations Faster

Reduce days to first dollar through improved visibility and increase control over the opening and reopening process across your multi-branded portfolio

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Locations Opened Annually

Ensure locations open on time, every time.  FranConnect supports the location opening process with visibility into milestones and the ability to collaborate with stakeholders

Improve team coordination during the onboarding and opening process and speed your days to first dollar.  With Opener, are reps, new owners and headquarters personnel can proactively manage projects, quickly resolve issues, and keep the process moving forward. 

  • Track opening process milestones by units across your portfolio¬†
  • Gantt-style timeline view to easily monitor progress across multiple units¬†
  • View and act on opening milestone exceptions and status on Command Center¬†
  • Integrated with Operations to seamlessly tie opening workflow to other unit performance improvement and coaching playbooks¬†
Reduce days to first dollar when opening locations faster

Eliminate common workflow bottlenecks and causes of delay 

FranConnect Opener reduces delays, miscommunication, and inefficiencies by managing all coordination tasks in one place ‚Äď construction, training, grand opening, and more. So, you open on-time, every time.¬†

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Streamline Critical Tasks

Automate vital tasks such as compliance and regulatory requirements. Proactively identify dependencies and milestones and track every step with notifications and status reporting.‚ÄĮ¬†

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Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure locations open on time

Improve Stakeholder Collaboration

Get visibility into every step of the onboarding process with productivity and collaboration tools that connect stakeholders to key documents, project plans, and milestones in real-time.‚ÄĮ¬†

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Navigate with Transparency

Avoid delays and quickly resolve issues. Checklist templates offer transparency and consistency to the entire team and keep everyone on the same page.‚ÄĮIntegrated with Operations to seamlessly tie opening workflows to other location performance improvement and coaching playbooks.¬†

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Stay Connected with the FranConnect Mobile App

Use the FranConnect Mobile App to keep the onboarding process moving- anytime, anywhere 

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This southern, powerhouse brand utilizes the FranConnect platform to streamline its Sales and Operations teams with a focus on Speed-To-Lead and the corresponding KPIs. The Bojangles team also uses the platform to determine where their leads are coming from so they can focus their marketing efforts in the areas that are lacking.

Tropical Smoothie Café

Hear how Tropical Smoothie Caf√© used¬†FranConnect¬†to effectively communicate with prospects and leads ‚Äď taking their locations in 2010 from 350 to 1215 locations today! Tropical Smoothie Caf√© and¬†FranConnect¬†have been working together since 2009.¬†¬†

Payroll Vault

Explore how FranConnect empowers Payroll Vault’s CEO, Sean Manning, to effectively manage and communicate with franchisees, track key performance indicators, streamline sales processes, and facilitate onboarding. Uncover the business success and efficiency FranConnect brings.

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