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“I think it’s the most reliable feature for us. We’re very lucky – we have real faith in this system at our franchise network level. We know we can cascade messages and we know that they’ll be read.” – Yolanda Cummings,
General Manager

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On Deck Concepts

“One of our biggest wins since implementing World Manager has been the engagement amongst the team.” – Tawny Daguio, Director of Training

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“I think the beauty of FranConnect is the fact that it’s a single resource, a single place to turn to so that you don’t have a fragmented landscape for the franchisee.” – Chris McGeary, Vice President

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“We love how flexible World Manager is – even though it is one platform, we can make each landing page unique and specific to the brand.” – Belinda Falzon, COO & Chief People Officer

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YMCA Whittlesea

“The Service Desk has been a game changer for us, giving management full visibility of issues at a venue level, and allowing detailed reporting which helps with more accurate workforce planning.” – Sandra Marson, HR & Systems Manager

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Paris Baguette

“FranConnect helped us crush our growth goals using the data and infrastructure we already had.” – Mark Mele, Chief Revenue Officer

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Rita's Italian Ice logo

Rita's Italian Ice

“We absolutely love it. It really helps us in terms of managing all of the leads that come in, because we get hundreds & hundreds of leads in each week.” – Kimberly Haidacher, Development Coordinator

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Lightbridge Academy logo

Lightbridge Academy

“FranConnect understands franchising – not only is it a platform, it helps you establish the best practices necessary in order to succeed and to build your system.” – Brenda Febbo, Chief Marketing Officer

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Floor Coverings International

“FranConnect has achieved the highest ROI of any platform in use by Floor Coverings International” –
Tom Wood, President & CEO

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K9 Resorts logo

K9 Resorts

“We’re able to keep better track of our leads, which helps us engage our prospective franchisees more than we were ever able to in the past.” – Jason Parker, Co-Founder & CEO

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Firehouse Subs logo

Firehouse Subs

“Our sales cycle has decreased by nearly 50% and we’ve been able to award more franchises by using FranConnect.” – Brent Greenwood, Director of Franchise Development

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BrightStar Care logo

BrightStar Care

“The lead nurturing and reputation management capabilities make a big difference. FranConnect gives our franchisees the visibility into what consumers are saying about their businesses in one place.” – Matt Quandt, Sr. Director of Marketing

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Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

“We’re really able to use it from the prospect state all the way to the signing of the franchise agreement, to the development, to real estate. Everything and all, we’re able to use all the aspects of FranConnect.” – Glynn Chambers, Vice President of CAPMastery

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SportClips Canada

“In terms of staying organized, FranConnect is a great help. It is an opportunity to get back into the system & have task-oriented items there that you can check off. We have a process in place for every development point.” – Sara Belanger, Vice President of Operations

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“We have used FranConnect as our franchise support software system provider for nearly 20 years. During this time, Neighborly has grown from six franchise brands to 24, including international expansion. FranConnect has grown with us as we have scaled in size and complexity. We have been very pleased with their performance and support.” – Mike Bidwell, President & CEO

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Moe's Southwest Grill

“With FranConnect we have the ability to look at analytics to see trends & averages. We can see how we’re doing & what we need to focus on per category. The intuitive report platform takes our data & puts it into a powerful analytical report that shows our progress overall, scores on key indicators in the company, & on areas of focus.” –
Chris Hammond, Regional Franchise Director

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The Human Bean Logo

The Human Bean

“It’s a massive advantage for us in efficiency that we gained. When we can follow up so quickly that the prospect is more likely to respond immediately versus 2-3 days later.” –
Jean Schneider, Director of Franchise Development

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“FranConnect enables us to effectively monitor and improve our system engagement on an ongoing basis.” – John Rotche, Managing Director & CEO

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iHOP Logo Centered


All the audit forms are included in RizePoint, and the operator can complete the audit paper-free, which saves them a lot of prep time. Once the audit is complete, the data is already captured — meaning no manual
data entry! Our managers were thrilled. I would recommend RizePoint to any franchisee. It has helped us improve operations, and based on my experience I know it would be an essential tool for other organizations too.” – Chris Belmont, Director of Operations at Landmark Restaurant Group

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Arbys Logo Centered


“For more than 10 years, Arby’s harnessed RizePoint for its internal assessment—the Arby’s Operations Review (A.O.R.)—a 200+ question, comprehensive assessment of performance in front- and back-of-house operations and policies related to Food Safety, Arby’s Standards, and Guest Experience (e.g., quality, order accuracy, speed of service, staff friendliness, cleanliness, and team engagement).”

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“This year our internal Operations Directors began conducting internal audits using RizePoint, and they commented on how much easier and more enjoyable auditing was because they could eliminate the paper and pencil routine and allow RizePoint to notify the right people automatically.” –

LIONEL BISSON, Director of Quality Assurance for Friendly’s Ice Cream LLC
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“Compared to all the other companies we were looking at, it was pretty easy to tell that RizePoint employees were really on board with helping us and really wanted to help us grow. It’s been invaluable.” –

TYLER WILLIAMS, Vice President of Operations at ASI
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