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More Efficiencies and Audit Consistency for a Small Quality Team

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ASI Food Safety (ASI) is a third-party certification body, as well as a third-party consulting and training group.
Their dedication to client success with farm-to-fork solutions has won the loyalty of businesses across the United States.

As a small, family-owned business, making the most of employee time and resources is a priority for ASI.
However, under their previous process, auditors were using spreadsheets to complete audits, running reports
with Excel formulas, and client-facing reports took additional time to compile. It was this time-consuming,
opaque process that led ASI to begin looking for a Quality Management System (QMS).

It was important to ASI that the solution they selected be able to handle all aspects of the business, including
scheduling, performing, and maintaining audits, said Andrew Wood, business development and database
manager for ASI. Previously, parts of their database were inaccessible without a data connection and VPN, which was also making it difficult when auditors worked in areas with poor connectivity.
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“It’s Easier Than Ever"

“Now that we switched over to RizePoint, it’s all cloud-based. So that gives us more advantages like retrieving
information when we’re on the go, answering questions faster than ever, and, of course, just having everything
under one roof makes it easy,” Wood said.

ASI chose to partner with RizePoint because it not only met all the technical requirements they had but also because RizePoint’s team is truly committed to ASI’s success.

As ASI moved through the implementation process with RizePoint, Williams said he knew they’d selected the right vendor when auditors were called in to say how easy it was to use RizePoint. Key functionality ASI added with RizePoint includes:

  1. Streamlined Audits. Auditors no longer need to switch between multiple systems. They can work offline, enter the data once, and have it immediately available for sharing and analysis. Wood said RizePoint’s Mobile Auditor app is very user-friendly and has dramatically reduced human errors in data entry.
  2. Corrective Action Management. Automated corrective action notifications save managers time with workflow-based notifications and reminders, reduce confusion caused by long email chains, and eliminate the possibility of forgotten notifications with manual processes.
  3. One-Click Reporting. ASI employees no longer spend hours compiling reports from spreadsheets
    and audit files. The reporting process is done in a few clicks and reports can be automatically sent to
    relevant stakeholders, without any additional time needed to make them client-friendly. Wood said
    this has improved customer relationships by making it easier than ever to provide them with
    necessary information.
  4. Better Scheduling. ASI uses RizePoint as a scheduling tool, so auditors have their calendars and travel details available in the app. Kayla Hawk, ASI scheduling and quoting coordinator, said this has allowed them to consolidate and organize schedules in a format everyone could understand. It has also saved time by automating client audit reminders and notifications.
  5. Total Visibility. By consolidating data collection, ASI is better able to see things like nonconformances
    and what auditors are reporting. This allows them to calibrate auditors and provide a more consistent
    experience for their clients. ASI is also able to more efficiently track audits, making sure that clients
    are informed and involved at every step. Wood described RizePoint as “putting transparency into the entire process.
ASI Auditors Talking with Employees

The Results

With RizePoint being used for every audit, ASI has seen significant improvements in efficiency. Auditors,
managers, and schedulers save hours of time on each audit. These efficiencies across a small team have made
a big impact, allowing employees to spend more time building client relationships and working toward their

Additionally, with RizePoint automating reports, ASI managers can dig deeper into the data, and find insights that improve client metrics, and help create a more consistent auditing experience.
“You are able to see what the audit looks like from start to finish, and then once it’s finished, you’re able to analyze the data to another level that you were unable to do in the past,” Wood said.

Ultimately, every part of ASI’s business has seen improvement after implementing RizePoint, and it has been transformational for their business. “We started seeing the true power of RizePoint a few months after implementation. It really has helped everybody’s job, all the way from scheduling up to building custom reports for those audit results and making that process easier overall.
ASI Auditors Talking with Employees

Better Use of Data

Data is centrally located on RizePoint’s cloud-based application, giving users real-time access to operational visibility. In addition to overseeing the quality and compliance processes for their stores, Landmark has found a way to utilize data for additional operational gain. Owning each of their stores requires regular maintenance, and they’ve created a process for managing facility tasks and communicating those with the appropriate personnel for completion. Landmark has also been able to use RizePoint as an effective HR tool. With data easily accessible, they are able to see what employees seeking a pay raise have done in terms of saving the company money to help justify an advancement. In some cases, they have been able to use RizePoint to conduct disciplinary action as well.

Compared to all the other companies we were looking at, it was pretty easy to tell that RizePoint employees were really on board with helping us and really wanted to help us grow. It’s been invaluable.

Tyler Williams
Vice President of Operations at ASI

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