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FranConnect is a cloud-based platform that offers a single shared view of your multi-location retail business’ growth and operational performance across locations. FranConnect serves as the System of Record (SOR) for the location. Open, operate and engage from the location to the front-line employees. Serving as the backbone for more than 1,500 brands and 350,000 locations worldwide, FranConnect is trusted by these brands to facilitate location expansion, streamline operations, foster collaboration among locations, and boost profitability.

Lady shopping in a retail store
Opener Unit Summary of Locations

Open Locations Faster: Eliminate common workflow bottlenecks

Whether you are opening new locations or refreshing a location, everything must be carefully planned and managed. All materials must be on-site at the right time. New applications and software must be installed and loaded onto each individual device, such as in-store tablets, service kiosks, or POS systems. Signage and promotional materials must be in place. One mistake can lead to delays, costing thousands or more in lost sales.

FranConnect‚Äôs Opener solution reduces delays, miscommunication, and inefficiencies by managing all coordination tasks in one place ‚Äď construction, training, grand opening, and more. So, you open on time, every time.

  • Streamline Critical Tasks-¬†automate vital tasks such as compliance and regulatory requirements. Proactively identify dependencies and milestones and track every step with notifications and status reporting.
  • Improve Stakeholder Collaboration-¬†get visibility into every step of the onboarding process with productivity and collaboration tools that connect stakeholders to key documents, project plans, and milestones in real-time.
  • Navigate with Transparency-¬†Avoid delays and quickly resolve issues. Checklist templates offer transparency and consistency to the entire team and keep everyone on the same page.
FranConnect Info Manager showing overview of locations

C-level Visibility of Performance Across Your Locations

FranConnect helps executives & senior managers gain visibility across all functions, locations & consumer activity at the corporate and location-level.

FranConnect Info Manager showing overview of locations
Overview of FranConnect Store Audits Tracking

Maintain Brand Consistency: Automate Compliance Checks for Improved Adherence to Standards

The customer experience is critical for restaurants. An exceptional experience translates to happy customers who return and recommend your restaurant. It all starts with brand consistency. The execution of safe food preparation, sanitation and other operating procedures must be consistent.

FranConnect enables you to streamline compliance initiatives such as inspections through automating checklists on a mobile device and aggregating performance within the FranConnect platform. Use data from completed inspections and compare performance across stores so you can put the right measures in place.

A screenshot of the FranConnect platform shows a map with location pins

Better Tools for Your Operations Team to Work Across Locations

Creating a more scaled operations team to handle broad location growth goes beyond more efficiently executing checklists. Regional Directors need improved tools to see performance across regions and assign and track actions‚Äč.

A screenshot of the FranConnect platform shows a map with location pins
Screenshot of the FranConnect Playbook

Improve Your Location Engagement with Corporate

Performance is a two-way street. Standards need to be driven top-down from corporate, BUT successful performance is a result of good communications between corporate and the location managers.

  • Map-based visuals for thumbnails on locations and performance‚Äč
  • Workflows + Tasks assigned and driven off of performance‚Äč
  • Summary KPIs + Metrics for further discoverability‚Äč
  • Corrective action plans can include learning curriculum for managers + front-line employees
A screenshot of FranConnect's World Manager

Employee Engagement: More Engaged Front-Line Employees for Better Customer Experience

According to the Key HR Statistics and Trends in 2023 Report, the average retail employee turnover rate in the United States is 60.5%. In fact, the cost to replace an employee on average is 33% of their annual salary. Learning and development is a critical tool in the toolkit for successful operations and drives improved unit economics for the owners. Better-trained employees means faster ramp time and less turnover.

FranConnect provides a way for retail businesses to develop and deploy highly customized branded content to support front-line employee training for improved onboarding and engagement and enables brands to monitor engagement success at the unit-level. Operations teams are empowered to deliver and monitor best practice training, access up-to-the-minute data, staff training results, performance appraisals, and satisfaction surveys with benchmark reporting.
A screenshot of FranConnect's World Manager

Hear Our Customers Tell Their Stories

Tropical Smoothie Café

Hear how Tropical Smoothie Caf√© used¬†FranConnect¬†to effectively communicate with prospects and leads ‚Äď taking their locations in 2010 from 350 to 1215 locations today! Tropical Smoothie Caf√© and¬†FranConnect¬†have been working together since 2009.¬†¬†

Boost Juice

ear how Boost Juice uses the World Manager tool to train their staff even before they enter a store, which increases safety and expedites training. Along with training, they utilize the platform as a main communication tool and operational efficiency program with the FBC’s.

Bowser Bean

Bowser Bean reveals their experience post-COVID. Explore ‚ÄėThe Daily Grind,‚Äô a platform that boosts communication, training, compliance, and efficiency. The team now enjoys gamified learning, smooth onboarding, and better consistency network-wide, with approval from regulators.

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