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Actionable Data For Teams

FranConnect’s Analytics provides franchise and multi-location brands with a catalog of data they need to grow their business faster. Through pre-built dashboards, scorecards, and benchmarks, executives and corporate users will have insight into the most vital information they need to make critical business decisions quicker

Analytics Dashboard and Reports Catalog

Providing Brands with the Data They Need to Grow Faster

FranConnect has helped some of the iconic brands in the world grow from 20 units to over 1,000 units. Through this, we have learned the most important dashboards, scorecards, and benchmarks that brands need to grow faster, increase their profitability, and enhance their brand standards. FranConnect’s Analytics provides brands with a catalog of pre-built analytics designed to provide development, operations, and finance teams with the data they need to make critical business decisions quickly and efficiently. 

Analytics Lead Performance Dashboard

Analytics To Support The Development Team

Development teams need the ability to measure growth milestones to ensure targets are being met and openings are on track. Having the ability to drill down into the data to identify bottlenecks in the process, or inefficiencies in sales, is pivotal to the success for the business.  

The Analytics for the sales development team helps analyze and make data-driven decisions about their brokers, leads, and units, as well as benchmark against the industry. 

Included in Catalog: 

  • Franchise Sales Optimization
  • Broker Performance
  • Lead Performance 
  • Unit Opening 
  • System Growth Analysis 
  • Franchise Sales Index (Coming Soon) 
A screenshot of FranConnect's dashboard

Analytics To Support The Operations Team

Operations teams need to ensure that compliance and brand standards are being met by the franchisee and that owners are receiving the support they need for them to be successful. 

The Analytics for the operations teams allows users to link goals, insights, and actions making units more effective, and franchise performance across verticals. 

 Included in Catalog:

  • Performance Scorecard
  • Verticalized Performance Dashboard
  • Performance Dashboard with FranScore
  • Site Visits
  • QSR: Food Safety and Operations Excellence (Coming Soon)
A screenshot of FranConnect's dashboard
Analytics Item 19 Dashboard

Analytics To Support The Finance & Legal Teams

Finance teams face challenges when analyzing the profitability of individual units and reporting requirements for the FDD with disparate systems and the lack of visibility into other key factors that may impact a unit. 

The Analytics for the finance and legal teams provide financial analytics that simplify P&L analysis and streamline FDD reporting, helping the finance team reduce manual effort and avoid costly reporting errors. 

Included in Catalog: 

  • P&L Analysis Reporting
  • Systemwide Financial Performance
  • Systemwide Outlet Status
Screenshots of FranConnect's Analytics platform

Built For Ease Of Use

FranConnect’s Analytics catalog is built with an intuitive, no-coding, user interface to ensure ease of use for the end-user. With the ability to drill down into the facts and deep dive into specific information, add trendlines and reference lines, and include or exclude ad-hoc data points – the new pre-built analytics solution provides the fastest and most efficient way for executives to make smart and informed decisions for their business. 

Every dashboard and scorecard in the catalog are optimized for mobile – ensuring that data is always available at your fingertips even when in the field. 

Screenshots of FranConnect's Analytics platform

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