FranConnect Performance

Maximize Franchise Unit-level Economics

Holistic franchise performance management solution that allows you to link goals, insights and actionsmaking your teams and units more effective through information sharing, centralization, transparency,and accountability.

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Ensure Operational Excellence with Franchisee Scorecards

Aggregate information from field visits, surveys, self-assessments, allowing franchisors to easily compare 10 -12 key performance metrics against the average of their peers, quickly identifying the biggest areas of opportunity.  Franchisee scorecards are the core artefact (single source of truth) used by franchise business coaches during coaching sessions and creating business plans.

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Centralize Operational Elements with Dashboards & Analytics

Eliminate manual processes, disparate systems, and siloed data with a centralized dashboard that links all your sales, operational, market and administrative data from across your franchise operations so you can gain transparent insights, make quicker decisions, and efficiently drive change in your business. 

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Chart Goals & Objectives with Business Plans

Improve key performance metrics identified from scorecards by creating a collaborative business plan. Franchise business coaches perform ongoing check-ins to ensure the list of goals and initiatives to be accomplished are documented in what becomes a “living” document to drive continuous improvement.

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Integrate Data to Drive Change

Powerful integrations streamline transparency and drive greater visibility into Business Health. Seamlessly connect data from home-grown and third-party systems including CRM tools, business intelligence, marketing automation, point of sale, financial, project management, franchise-specific vendor single-point solutions, and more.

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Amplify Expertise with Playbooks

Generate dynamic performance plans to drive operational excellence and help your franchisees prioritize objectives. Execute these plans using smart playbooks encompassing workflows and tasks based on franchising best practices.Develop a library of playbooks, coaches become much more consistent and have valuable resources to reference.

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Prioritize and Maximize Team Efficiency with Projects 

Oversee a complex set of interdependent tasks, involving many stakeholders which can sometimes take many weeks/months before being completed. Easily manage projects such as company-wide new process deployment, rebrand or new product launch, and remodels driving accountability and meaningful change at the unit level.

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