FranConnect Royalty Manager Solution

Increase Transparency & Accuracy in Your Royalty Process to Maximize Revenue

Unified platform supporting complex agreement rules, workflows, calculations and franchise environments

Calculate and process royalties
Invoices Processed Annually

FranConnect Payments & Royalty Manager Solution

FranConnect Payments & Royalty Manager Solution is the single source of truth for all franchise agreement financial terms (Royalty, Ad Fund, Technology Fee, Sales Fee Calculation, non-financial categories). Stakeholders can quickly view rules that apply for a unit or multi-unit franchise during a certain time period from a centralized solution.  Our platform ensures consistent Sales collection, reducing sales gathering and manual data entry overhead by having FranConnect fetch the sales numbers directly from your franchisees’ point of sale system.  

Easily collect payments from franchisees

Reduce Collection Time from 2 Months to 1 Hour

For many franchise brands, collecting Initial Franchise Fees (IFF’s) and other upfront investments from new franchisees is a manual, error-prone, and inefficient process. The Sign-to-Pay solution allows franchise brands to collect the Initial Franchise Fee (IFF) and any other upfront investments automatically, online, as soon as a franchise agreement is executed. The payment is facilitated via a seamless integration with Flywire into the FranConnect platform that allows new franchisees to submit their payments via a variety of payment methods and currencies.

Franchise Agreement to automatically calculate the amount of royalties on a location

Precise Royalty Calculations

Compute accurate royalty calculations with complex agreement rules, rate structures and monthly/weekly fee schedules stored within FranConnect. 

Franchise Agreement to automatically calculate the amount of royalties on a location
Create invoices

Transparent Royalty Invoicing

Increase transparency with your franchisees by generating automated royalty invoices based on imported or franchisee-entered sales data. Once data is submitted, royalties are automatically calculated, and journal entries made in both the franchisor’s and franchisee’s point-of-sale, QuickBooks, and other financial management tools. 

Sales Detail to Calculate Royalties for a franchise

Streamline Royalty Collection

FranConnect can either generate a NACHA file which can easily be uploaded to your bank or, if you prefer, integrate with your ERP or a third-party payment solution for payment collection. 

Sales Detail to Calculate Royalties for a franchise
Reconcile invoices and apply payments

Boost Unit Performance

Improve franchisee performance by highlighting areas of opportunity with key performance metric benchmarking. Give your franchise business consultants comprehensive, dashboard-based views to help drive improvements. 

On-Demand Webinar

Listen to Franchise Experts Discuss Challenges in Collecting Franchise Royalties

Are you a franchisor facing challenges with collections, both domestically and internationally? Unlock the secrets to seamless financial management with this one-hour webinar, tailored specifically for franchisors. Our franchise experts will share insights, strategies, and solutions for overcoming challenges in royalty, marketing funds, and franchise sales fee collections.

Easily collect payments from franchisees

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