FranConnect Brand Consistency

Achieve Syste​m-Wide Operational Excellence

Get dashboard-based views into franchise unit performance and reduce time spent preparing for and conducting field visits. Quickly spot trends, challenges, and areas for improvement and create programs to address areas of non-compliance. Historically, this was focused on ensuring operational compliance but today franchisors are using this as an opportunity to coach their franchisees to improve performance by designing questionnaires to align with their strategic objectives.  


Boost Performance with Field Visits, Coaching & Corrective Actions 

Allows your coaches to schedule visits, perform them in the field or virtually, and develop a corrective action plan for the franchisee to address after their meeting improving the impact and efficiency of the visit. No more relying on isolated Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Plus, automated workflows trigger follow-up tasks on non-compliant items.


Help Franchisees Increase Engagement with Self-Assessments 

Improve engagement with franchisee self-assessments, an effective complement to field visits. Self-assessments can also be woven into the franchisee’s day-to-day operations, helping them streamline certain store processes.


Gain Visibility with System-wide Analytics 

Access and share important information on individual units, evaluate their performance, and assess accumulated data such as field visits or corrective actions, driving accountability through KPI focused processes. Leverage easy-to-understand metrics and KPIs to enact change more effectively.


Amplify Expertise with Playbooks

Generate dynamic performance plans to drive operational excellence and help your franchisees prioritize objectives. Execute these plans using smart playbooks encompassing workflows and tasks based on franchising best practices. Develop a library of playbooks, coaches become much more consistent and have valuable resources to reference.


Stay Connected with the FranConnect Mobile App

Stay on top of operational performance, wherever you are with the powerful FranConnect Mobile App. Conduct onsite field visits even when there’s no internet connectivity. Seamlessly load pictures of location conditions for tangible proof of compliance and share images of ideal compliance for more meaningful coaching.


Prioritize and Maximize Team Efficiency with Projects 

Oversee a complex set of interdependent tasks, involving many stakeholders which can sometimes take many weeks/months before being completed. Easily manage projects such as franchisee transfers, rebrands and remodel driving accountability and meaningful change at the unit level.

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