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When you want to make the world cleaner, let FranConnect take your business to the next level. Our cleaning company software allows you to grow and scale your business with an all-in-one digital platform. Having your data and operations in a single source provides the efficiency, organization and communication you need for a successful journey across every location.

What Can Our Cleaning Service Software Do for You?

FranConnect provides a shared view of your sales, finance, support, marketing and operation departments for every location. Having all the components of your cleaning company organized on one cloud-based software platform means you can:

  • Increase unit revenue: A localized marketing strategy aligned with your brand vision can help you attract and engage with customers, curate local and personalized campaigns, and provide insight regarding activity and lead flow.
  • Improve operational performance: A scorecard allows you to compare and contrast performances to monitor and control your brand consistency.
  • Streamline operational data: The platform connects all areas of your organization. That includes employee onboarding and training, cleaning products and supply inventory, open requests for services ranging from laundry to deep carpet cleaning, histories of bookings with pricing, and contact information for all your locations.
  • Book more services: Real-time insights and automated workflows make it easier to manage your leads. You can reach out to potential customers who would like residential or commercial cleaning services on a one-time or recurring basis.
  • Drive franchisee engagement: Browse analytics including averages and trends so you can strategize areas of focus and growth for each franchise.
  • Power your emerging brand: Intuitive software can improve your communication with employees, making it easier to scale your cleaning business across the city, state, region, nation or globe.

Trusted by Leading Cleaning Brands Globally

The Benefits of Choosing FranConnect

Since 2000, FranConnect has become an industry leader in business management platforms. Here are some advantages of working with us:

  • Expertise: We have experience serving over 1500 brands across all kinds of industries, sizes and growth phases. Our mission is to help comapnies streamline their operations, improve their profits and enhance their growth.
  • A dedicated team: Our experts have extensive knowledge about business operations. We can offer guidance, answer your questions and provide more information about how our software services and technology can serve your goals.
  • Global locations:¬†We’re headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, with offices in Canada, Colombia, Australia and India. Our company serves franchises in over 350,000 areas¬†throughout the world.
  • Business resources:¬†Our company stays up to date with the latest news and innovations. We offer tips about¬†franchise best practices¬†and offer¬†tech buyer guides¬†to provide you with more insight.
  • Awards and recognition:¬†We’re proud to have earned recognition as one of¬†DCA’s Red Hot Companies¬†for over seven years. Our team strives to continue growing and provide our customers with the most innovative solutions.
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