FranConnect Training

Increase your franchisees ability to out-execute the competition with a proven learning management system (LMS)

Empower franchisees with the knowledge they need to succeed – in all areas of your business. FranConnect Training is a dynamic learning management system (LMS) that improves franchisee onboarding and training, while reducing your training costs by up to 50%.

Optimizing Franchisee Performance

Train Franchisees and Your Support Teams

Improve onboarding and train both franchisees and your employees with a learning management system (LMS) that scales to thousands of learners.

Amplify Expertise Across Your Organization

Experience a Dynamic Training Environment

Delivered via a convenient desktop or mobile app for broad engagement. FranConnect Training supports dynamic web-based and video content so you can quickly communicate and roll out new initiatives, while reducing training overhead.

Gain Visibility into Business Health

Create Your Curriculum

Deliver web-based training including video and SCORM-compliant content, on PCs and mobile devices. Build learning paths and track and award certifications.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Units

Track Performance

Track progress with quizzes and measure performance tied to business objectives, course curriculum, training requirements, and human capital management.

Ready to See FranConnect In Action For Yourself?