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FranConnect is sponsoring FCXC 2024! Image features the FCXC logo on a blue background with orange and white accents.

FranConnect’s Presence at FCXC 2024

Welcome to the world of franchising excellence! This year, FranConnect is proud to be a key sponsor at the 2024 Franchise Customer Experience Conference (FCXC),...
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A McDonald's at night

Inspect What You Expect: Achieving Quality Control and Brand Consistency

“The Founder” is a 2016 movie based on Ray Kroc and McDonald’s origin story, which won critical acclaim for Michael Keaton. In one important scene,...
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A restaurant owner talks to the head chef during a meeting

How to Do Ongoing Franchisee Monitoring Right

Periodic site visits, audits, & check-ins can easily be viewed as punitive. Having the right approach & technology is crucial to franchisee engagement.
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A man uses a calculator in a car dealership

Automotive Franchises: Sample Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

If you're an automotive franchise you may want to consider tracking these objectives and key results (OKRs). Check out the list of potential OKRs here!
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A waitress shows a Thai food menu to a female patron

Adapting Your Restaurant Franchise’s Menu for Global Success: Why It’s Essential

Adapting your restaurant franchise's menu for global success is crucial. Elevate your business by updating your menu for an international audience!
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A silver globe key chain next to gold coins

Troublesome Transactions: Understanding the Top 4 Challenges Facing Initial Franchise Fee Collection

As a franchisor, collecting an initial franchise fee can be challenging. Find out how to deal with delays, non-payments and other common issues here.
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