At a recent franchising conference, we were lucky enough to sit down for interviews with a variety of senior executives from the FranConnect customer base. This included franchise brands of different sizes and from different industries.  We asked them what business challenges are most important for them to solve using technology. It was great to know how they are getting so much value from FranConnect, but it was also enlightening to hear some of the common themes that surfaced. Here are four of them, with actual soundbites from those customer interviews. For the full catalog of interviews, check out our Testimonials Resource Center.

Tightening the Screws On Franchise Development

The three most important aspects of managing leads in franchise development marketing are timing, communication, and organization. The ability to master all of these aspects simultaneously can make a huge difference between closing deals or letting them slip away.

A critical solution for managing their entire development process from lead to opportunity to new unit launch. With over 5,500 locations, Little Caesars has been a FranConnect customer since 2019. 

Speeding Up Location Openings

Focusing on a solid, well-researched plan for your expansion is key to success. Understanding the specific challenges associated with franchising and what can be done in order speed up that process is vital when it comes time for you to take control of your SNOs (Sold But Not Open). Speeding up your process all while ensuring your locations have the same aesthetic and thematic elements can often feel intimidating.

Unit openings are the name of the game in franchising, and that’s why Taco John’s uses FranConnect to automate the end-to-end franchise development process and bring visibility to the entire team.  A customer since 2013.

Wrangling Disparate Data

How can you break the silo mindset to ensure information is flowing freely between all departments of your business? Integrating disparate business systems, aggregating and connecting data can deliver valuable insights that will drive performance and growth for your franchise brand.

Hear how FranConnect software serves as the system of record to aggregate disparate data from sources across the enterprise at this fast-growing franchise business. Freddy’s is a new FranConnect customer.

Streamlining Field Operations

The importance of field support cannot be understated, but it’s often overlooked in the heat of opening new stores and signing franchise agreements. With so much on your plate when you are  expanding you business–from marketing campaigns to managing national locations – you might find yourself growing frustrated when faced with immediate needs for assistance outside of your home base. Giving your Franchise Business Consultants confidence by providing them tools to focus on coaching franchisees instead of policing them can make all the difference.

This growing franchise concept has run their business with FranConnect almost since their inception in 2008. They have a strong emphasis on supporting and empowering franchisees by sharing KPI’s and critical training content.

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