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A cartoon hand holds a magnet that attracts customers

3 Keys to Attract a Qualified Audience for Your Franchise Development Process

Attracting the right audience to further develop your franchise can be difficult, so we put together 3 key ways you can attract qualified franchisees!
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A person reacts to an image on social media

Use Social Media to Reach Potential Franchisees

It may have started as a fun way to pass the time, but today’s social media environment provides one of the best forms of advertisement...
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Defining Your Franchise’s Unique Selling Points and Showcasing Them to Potential Franchisees

Are you a franchisor looking to grow? You should understand how to define your franchise's unique selling points & share them with potential franchisees.
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A screenshot of the FranConnect platform

Introducing Project Management Software for Franchising

FranConnect Projects is the newest component of our Operate module with the ability to track all projects using project management software.
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6 Quick Ways to Grow Your Qualified Leads

We've developed 6 quick ways that you can improve leads from franchisees! Follow the 6 steps here to start receiving more qualified leads.
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4 Things Keeping Franchisors Up at Night

There are 4 categories that keep franchisors up at night. We've compiled them along with customer stories to explain how FranConnect can help!
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