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How Businesses Can Benefit From Using Business Analytics

Understanding your company’s performance is vital for business owners since it helps them make critical decisions for the future. That’s where business analytics comes in....
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10 Ways to Leverage Unit-Level Performance Data for Franchise Growth

Here are 10 ways you can start leveraging unit-level performance data for franchise growth! We discuss choosing the right metrics, trust building, & more!
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FranConnect Launches Analytics to Improve Performance & ROI Across Franchises and Multi-Location Businesses

Hospitality and restaurant technology executive, Austen Asadorian, joins FranConnect to fuel its next phase of growth
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Unit Level Economics for Franchise Businesses

If your a franchise you should be leveraging unit-level economics! We've compiled some core measurements and sample steps you can follow to start.
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Introducing FranConnect Franchise Scorecards – a snapshot of your franchise’s health!

Get a snapshot of your franchise's health with FranConnect Franchise Scorecards. Learn how our software can help your franchise here!
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4 Things Keeping Franchisors Up at Night

There are 4 categories that keep franchisors up at night. We've compiled them along with customer stories to explain how FranConnect can help!
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