Improve Performance
A McDonald's at night

Inspect What You Expect: Achieving Quality Control and Brand Consistency

“The Founder” is a 2016 movie based on Ray Kroc and McDonald’s origin story, which won critical acclaim for Michael Keaton. In one important scene,...
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Tech Consolidation

Beginning with the END in MIND: The Argument for Technology Consolidation

Have you considered that when building your “tech-stack” that it can be very much like owning a house. Initially you tackle several DIY projects such...
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A restaurant owner talks to the head chef during a meeting

How to Do Ongoing Franchisee Monitoring Right

Periodic site visits, audits, & check-ins can easily be viewed as punitive. Having the right approach & technology is crucial to franchisee engagement.
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A screenshot of the FranConnect platform

Introducing Project Management Software for Franchising

FranConnect Projects is the newest component of our Operate module with the ability to track all projects using project management software.
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A man places an arrow on a digitized dartboard

Unit Level Economics for Franchise Businesses

If your a franchise you should be leveraging unit-level economics! We've compiled some core measurements and sample steps you can follow to start.
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A woman looks at FranConnect's dashboard on her desktop whilst talking on the phone

Introducing FranConnect Franchise Scorecards – a snapshot of your franchise’s health!

Get a snapshot of your franchise's health with FranConnect Franchise Scorecards. Learn how our software can help your franchise here!
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