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Tech Consolidation

Beginning with the END in MIND: The Argument for Technology Consolidation

Have you considered that when building your “tech-stack” that it can be very much like owning a house. Initially you tackle several DIY projects such...
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Two businesswomen review a desktop screen together

Franchise Territory Mapping: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re building a franchise, choose your locations carefully, as they can significantly affect your future success. Territory mapping helps franchisors determine where to place...
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Two women interview with each other over coffee

Questions to Ask During an Interview Between a Franchisor and a Franchisee

Relationships are crucial to starting any successful franchise. During the initial interview with a franchisee, you want to learn about their business approach. After all,...
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A cartoon hand holds a magnet that attracts customers

3 Keys to Attract a Qualified Audience for Your Franchise Development Process

Attracting the right audience to further develop your franchise can be difficult, so we put together 3 key ways you can attract qualified franchisees!
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A man's hand next to digitized stats

10 Ways to Leverage Unit-Level Performance Data for Franchise Growth

Here are 10 ways you can start leveraging unit-level performance data for franchise growth! We discuss choosing the right metrics, trust building, & more!
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A man circles a group of digitized businessmen in a red circle

Re-Visit Your Franchise Buyer Personas to Boost Development

We're discussing franchise buyer personas & how to develop them to boost franchise growth! Learn how to create personas that work for your franchise.
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