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How Your Franchise Fee Structures Can Enhance Franchise Performance

A comprehensive study of over 2400 Franchise Disclosure Documents over a two-year period sheds great light on focusing on how varying fee structures including franchise...
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Troublesome Transactions: Understanding the Top 4 Challenges Facing Initial Franchise Fee Collection

As a franchisor, collecting an initial franchise fee can be challenging. Find out how to deal with delays, non-payments and other common issues here.
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How Are Franchise Royalty Fees Calculated?

Franchise royalty fees are a regular cost of doing business, but franchisors can calculate them in several different ways. Learn more with FranConnect!
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Franchise Royalties – Pulse Survey Results 2023

Gain knowledge about franchise royalties from FranConnect's Pulse Survey Results. Get key insights and make informed decisions for your franchise success.
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Streamline Your Franchise Royalties and Fees with a Technology Solution

FranConnect offers software that can help you streamline your franchise royalty fees. Learn what our royalty manager solution has to offer today!
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Enhancements to Royalty Manager: Compute Royalties & Improve Profitability

We've implemented enhancements to our royalty management software: Royalty Manager. Explore these updates & how they can benefit your franchise here!
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