Enhancements to Royalty Manager: Compute Royalties & Improve Profitability

Do you struggle with calculating consistent, error-free royalty collection for non-financial categories? Furthermore, do your franchisees challenge every invoice because they lack transparency?

Well, optimizing your royalty management process just got a little easier with our newly released enhancements, with powerful new upgrades that build upon our robust solution and will simplify your user experience.

Reporting: Royalty Manager Data by Brand

Introducing two new columns, namely, brand and franchise owner’s name in the reports under Royalty Manager, provides the ability to view multi-brand data by brand. These columns (brand and owner’s name) will also be available as filters within the reports.

Royalty Calculations: Maximum Discount Cap

Now your finance team can create discount categories and limit the discounts applied to the gross sales when calculating royalties owed by a franchisee.

Royalty Calculations: YTD Sales with Threshold

Better support your royalty revenue growth and bottom-line profits by enabling threshold capability on royalty calculations based on YTD sales.

Royalty Calculations: Non-Financial Category Based

New agreement rules support royalty calculations based on non-financial categories such as customer count, number of transactions, and agent count.

Royalty Manager copy-1

Now that we have revealed our exciting new Royalty Manager capabilities which will host additional releases in the coming months, let us take a step back and review the overall solution.

Royalty Manager provides a transparent and accurate financial picture of unit sales with full automation of financial processes from royalty and fee calculations, invoicing & collection processes, reporting across QuickBooks, POS, and to other financial management tools.

By having the franchisee’s sales data flow through FranConnect’s system of record, which contains the royalty rules outlined in each signed franchise agreement, accurate royalty invoices are generated automatically and made accessible to franchisees.

Optimize Your Royalty Management – FranConnect Royalty Manager solution allows franchisors the ability to:


Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 4.13.58 PMUnlike partial solution providers or manual spreadsheets, FranConnect Royalty Manager streamlines the full lifecycle of the royalty management process while delivering accurate and transparent financial reporting which can be used as a tool to improve brand performance.

For more information on our CardConnect integration or to schedule a demo of the Royalty Manager application visit us here: