Franchisee Engagement
A restaurant owner talks to the head chef during a meeting

How to Do Ongoing Franchisee Monitoring Right

Periodic site visits, audits, & check-ins can easily be viewed as punitive. Having the right approach & technology is crucial to franchisee engagement.
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A male franchisee and a female franchisor meet to discuss the franchise

3 Must-Have Ingredients for Franchisee Engagement

Ingredient 1 of franchise engagement is communication and the importance of creating a community. Read how to improve communication & build a community.
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A group of people meet at a table while two of them shake hands

Community Marketing Tips for Franchisees

Learn tips for building community marketing into your franchisees’ day-to-day processes.
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A man in an apron working in a salon looks at his tablet

Virtual Visits in Franchising

Learn how franchisors and Franchise Business Coaches (FBCs) can use virtual visits to benefit franchise systems.
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business coaching in restaurant

How To Be A Collaborative Franchise Coach

The word synergy has fallen out of fashion in recent years—but the concept is still alive in franchising. Learn how to be a collaborative franchise...
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A calendar for April 2021

How to Engage Franchisees in Better Budgeting and Planning

How can you keep franchisees accountable for next year’s performance and engage them in proactive budgeting and planning? Follow these tips.
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