Springboard to Success: Training on Demand






On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: Managing Multi-Unit Sales

Learn the best techniques for implementing multi-unit franchise sales in our upcoming training session. Gain valuable insights on how to seamlessly handle multiple units, properly categorize units that have been sold but are not yet in development, and effectively initiate opening sequences. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sales strategies. Register now!

ON-DEMAND: Transfers & Resales

Discover the latest advancements in managing and monitoring transfers and resales in the world of franchising. Join us for an in-depth session where we explore FranConnect’s Information Manager, designed to streamline these processes like never before. Learn valuable best practices and gain insight from successful franchisors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead in the industry.

ON-DEMAND: Enhance Franchise Communications & Collaboration

Enhance franchise communications, engagement, and collaboration with streamlined sharing of company updates, operational manuals, marketing assets, and more. Along with activating the new and improved library, attendees will view features like:
  • Enhanced User Experience: Experience a visually pleasing and intuitive interface.
  • Effortless Document Previews: Preview documents seamlessly in the library, global search, and command center documents card for an enhanced user experience

ON-DEMAND: Collecting Franchisee Data with Webforms

Join us to learn how to automate the collection of periodic information from your franchises. Discover how to build reports for reviewing and coaching your franchise locations, including their performance against corporate benchmarks and sales. Register today!

ON-DEMAND: Field Mapping for DocuSign

Utilize FranConnect’s DocuSign integration to streamline the agreement process with leads and franchise owners. By leveraging this integration, you can conveniently populate outgoing forms with data extracted from their FranConnect record. Furthermore, information input by the recipients on the form can be seamlessly synced back into FranConnect. If you already have existing DocuSign forms and prefer not to rebuild them, join us for an engaging session on mapping the fields in your DocuSign forms to corresponding fields in FranConnect.

Information Manager
On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: Managing People in Information Manager

Are you struggling to keep track of the people in the FranConnect system? Whether they’re an Owner, Employee, or User, it can be tough to manage all their unique roles and access levels. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this training webinar, we’ll walk you through the brand-new People tab and show you how to simplify your information management. From multi-unit employees to easy record access, you’ll be amazed at how much easier your life can be with the People tab. So don’t miss out on this game-changing session!

ON-DEMAND: Managing Entity Owners

Get ready to clear up the confusion around managing entity owners in FranConnect’s platform! In this webinar, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of individual owners, multiple levels of entities, and how regions fit into the picture. Plus, we’ll showcase some new entity features that will make your life easier by allowing you to relate entities as parents, children, and siblings. Say goodbye to keeping track of documents in a jumbled mess – join us for this discussion and get organized!


ON-DEMAND: Streamlining the User Experience in Information Manager

Join us for a webinar on streamlining your user experience, where we’ll introduce the sleek and efficient Store Summary tab. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to easy access to your favorite tools – you can even pin them to the top for ultimate convenience! And for those who prefer a more minimalist approach, we’ll also show you how to limit the tabs you see for a clean, intuitive experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to simplify your workday!

ON-DEMAND: Targeted Data Entry for Teams

Looking to improve your team’s data entry experience? Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating through multiple tabs to input information. With targeted data entry using web forms, each team member can manage their assigned portion of the record with ease. Plus, you can customize tabs for specific departments like legal and real estate to streamline the process even more.

ON-DEMAND: Get Ready to Automate Your Franchisee Lifecycle

Join us for an exciting webinar on automating your franchisee lifecycle with FranConnect’s platform. Discover how to effortlessly track key expiration dates for leases, insurance, and franchise agreements, streamlining the renewal process like never before. Plus, we’ll reveal other innovative use cases for workflows and web forms to easily collect and update important data. Don’t miss out on this game-changing knowledge!

ON-DEMAND: Automating Reminders

Join us for a dynamic and informative webinar where we’ll show you how to supercharge your FranConnect Foundation module with automated reminders. Are you still manually tracking renewals and updates? Discover how workflows and webforms can streamline your process and provide you with timely notifications. Don’t miss out on this chance to optimize your FranConnect experience!

Royalty Manager
On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: Getting Sales Date into Royalty Manager

Often sales data comes from a Point of Sale (POS) system, but there are many ways to bring sales reports into Royalty Manager, so if your system has franchisees who vary in their tracking methods, FranConnect can allow everyone to participate using some method. We’ll explore the ways that sales data comes into Royalty Manager and how to track submissions in this session.

ON-DEMAND: Collecting Payment of Royalties with FranConnect

In this session, we’ll follow the path of the calculated royalties, and discuss how electronic funds transfers work. FranConnect’s partnership with Card Connect makes it easier than ever to collect royalties and track payments in an automated way.

ON-DEMAND: Setting & Tracking Goals with Franchisees

FranConnect lets you collaboratively set goals for both sales performance and other key performance indicators, both financial and non-financial. Goals can encompass seasonal variation in sales and other factors. This session will cover setting up goals and tracking performance against them, and comparing current year performance against the previous year’s performance.

ON-DEMAND: Tracking Profit & Loss

Use FranConnect to import P&L categories from QuickBooks or another source, and use them as part of franchisee coaching programs. Join us to see how you can track not only sales and KPIs, but the whole franchisee picture in FranConnect.

ON-DEMAND: Finally Get a Comprehensive View of Performance

Now that you’ve seen how a variety of data can get into FranConnect, this session will discuss how it can be used to analyze and coach franchisees on their performance. We’ll talk about royalty reporting, Area franchise agreements and royalties, and the comprehensive reporting you can get on franchise activities and performance against goals and prior year performance.

Operations & Brand Compliance
On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: 5 Considerations for a Successful Brand Compliance Program

You want to start or improve your Brand Compliance Program – the first step of that is knowing what compliance looks like. In this session, we’ll cover the five things you need to consider in order to evaluate your franchisees’ success in being ambassadors for your brand.

ON-DEMAND: What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Now that you know what success looks like, it’s time to figure out how to measure it. We’ll learn to create an actionable survey that captures only the points that you can really improve. We’ll cover tactics like the best way to ask an objective question, to get apples-to-apples evaluation between multiple franchisees. We’ll also discuss ranking questions/actions by importance, so that a success plan can be most effective.

ON-DEMAND: Getting Buy-In From Everyone

In this session, we’ll discuss announcing your success program in a way that fosters adoption and makes franchisees feel like this is a program that helps them succeed, rather than an imposition from the brand. We’ll cover creating your communication plan for announcing the program, and strategies for rolling out your plan to a pilot group of franchises.

ON-DEMAND: From Brand Compliance to Strategic Coaching

We’ll discuss providing strategic plans for certain segments of the franchisee community. You may want to coach franchisees who are deviating from the brand standard, who are struggling in their business, or who have specialized needs for their market types. We’ll talk about how FranConnect Playbooks are used to provide a roadmap for groups of franchisees with similar needs, and how to set up a program to do this strategic coaching.

ON-DEMAND: Putting it all Together in FranConnect

In this session, we’ll take the knowledge we gained from the previous sessions, and demonstrate how to implement your Field Visits plan in FranConnect. Bring your Field Visits questions for discussion.

Opener Series
On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: What’s New in the Opener Interface

Discover new and improved features in Opener’s Info Manager with our latest update. Experience new express filter tabs, customize Unit Summary list columns, control checklist notifications, and share Info Manager information with Franchise users for improved collaboration.

ON-DEMAND: Invite Your Franchisees to the Opener

Our Info Manager just got better! With our latest update, we now offer improved collaboration with franchisees by exposing Information Manager tabs and fields for viewing and editing. Assigning franchise users to checklists has never been easier, and you can now change contacts on tasks with just a few clicks. Plus, you can easily mark tasks complete (or incomplete) to keep track of progress.

ON-DEMAND: Powering Up Project Planning with Dependecies

Discover how dependencies work and how you can use them to create more efficient workflows. With Milestones, you can easily track progress and keep projects on schedule. Use Groups to organize tasks and streamline your workflow. And, arrange tasks in a specific order to ensure a smooth and logical progression of work.

ON-DEMAND: One Checklist Does NOT Fit All

Discover how you can tailor tasks to different opening situations for more efficient operations. With Store Types, you can suppress the view of tasks irrelevant to a particular store, improving the relevance of the tasks presented. Plus, using secondary checklists enables you to create a mix-and-match task list that suits your specific needs.

ON-DEMAND: Automating Your Process with Workflows

To wrap up this series, join us to discover examples of items that can be automated through our system, allowing you to streamline your workflow and increase your teams efficiency.

Engage Series
On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: I Can’t Make My Franchisees Use the Hub!

In this session, we’ll cover the four main reasons that franchisees don’t adopt an intranet, and what you can do about it.

ON-DEMAND: I Inherited a Messy Hub… Now What?

So, you’re the new product manager for FranConnect, and they tell you the Hub is outdated, and needs an overhaul. Where do you even start? This session covers techniques for finding potentially outdated and little-used information, and discovering how your users are actually searching for information.

ON-DEMAND: Pro Tips for Advanced Hub Operations

You can make the Hub experience cleaner (and more attractive) for your users. In this session, we’ll cover limiting folder access with roles, using HTML to create nav pages, making stories Recommended, and using URLs to point people to Hub content from other places such as campaigns and Top Stories.

ON-DEMAND: Providing a Support Outlet

Sometimes, you just want to ask a question. Give your franchisees an easy-access way to get answers right inside FranConnect with the Support Module. Don’t want it called “Support”? We’ll show you how to brand that too.

ON-DEMAND: Making Great Training Out of What You Have Now

You want to make some engaging training, but what you have now is documents, slides and videos. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can use what you have to make good-looking training that your users will want to complete.

ON-DEMAND: Starting a Certification Program

In this session, we’ll talk about setting up training Plans and Certifications, and making them available to only the people who need them. We’ll show you some new features as well, like limiting the number of times a candidate can take a test.

Sales Series
On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: Speed to the Lead

In this session we offer valuable insights into how Opener’s advanced features can help you increase engagement with your leads. Sorting out your sources and setting up automated replies to inquiries allows you to quickly respond to interest and solicit further participation from prospects. Plus, our Artificial Intelligence features can help you set up meetings with prospects more efficiently, streamlining your sales process.

ON-DEMAND: The Rule of Seven

With our lead grouping feature, you can send automated messages that resonate personally with each group. Drip campaigns allow you to keep your message in front of prospects and build engagement over time. Plus, our action setup feature ensures that you have a plan in place when a lead goes dark, keeping you in control of the sales process.

ON-DEMAND: Working the Funnel

Opener’s advanced features make lead management easy. Track lead statuses and time, identify inactive leads, boost outreach with automated campaigns, and advance leads through the sales funnel with workflows.

ON-DEMAND: Disclosure

Join us as we discuss Opener’s innovative features for managing your FDDs more efficiently. Enter and name your FDDs with ease using our user-friendly system. Our automated sending feature with FranConnect Workflow makes sending FDDs a breeze. Plus, track which FDDs have been sent and keep tabs on prospects who received them, streamlining your process and ensuring that you never lose track of important information.

ON-DEMAND: If It Isn’t In FranConnect, It Didn’t Happen

Opener offers essential tools to help you maintain a complete record of every interaction with your prospects. With our user-friendly logging system, you can easily log each interaction, providing you with a comprehensive picture of the prospect relationship. Plus, our FC Mobile app allows you to log calls directly from your phone, making the process even more efficient. Additionally, FranConnect’s mail plug-ins enable you to attach emails to the prospect’s record, ensuring that all communication is in one place for easy reference.

ON-DEMAND: Dead or Just Cold

Discover how Opener can help you revive dormant leads and increase your conversion rates. Learn about the various leads that might “only be dead for now.” Our lead categorization feature makes it easy to target dormant leads with tailored campaigns, helping you re-engage and move them through the sales funnel. With our workflow setup, you can reach out to dormant leads at a later date and re-assess their interest, giving you a second chance to close the deal.

ON-DEMAND: Putting it All Together

By now you’ve had a chance to try some of these techniques. Join us for a wrap-up and Q&A session to refine your improvements!

Lifecycle Series
On-Demand Training

ON-DEMAND: Get Your Data Straight

We’ve identified five critical pieces of information you should be keeping and provide you with tools to check the quality of your current information. Our system recommends updates to ensure that your information is accurate and current, making it easier for you to make informed business decisions.

ON-DEMAND: Outline Your Calendar

Stay on top of important events that affect all franchisees simultaneously, such as taxes, with Opener’s advanced system. We also recognize that some events happen at different times for different franchisees, and we offer solutions to manage these situations as well. Our recommended action feature reminds franchisees of upcoming dates and tracks their actions, making it easy to ensure that everyone is on the same page and taking the necessary steps to stay compliant.

ON-DEMAND: Keep it Clean & Fresh

Identify the most important data to your business and streamline your view of each franchisee to see exactly what you need to. Our system allows you to add custom tabs and fields to follow the information that is most relevant to you. Plus, we offer an easy-to-use importing feature that enables you to quickly import information to Information Manager, making it easy to get started with Opener.

ON-DEMAND: Automating Data Refreshes

Ensure that your franchisees’ information stays up-to-date with Opener’s advanced tools. Our system allows you to create campaigns and workflows that trigger at the times you set, making it easy to keep track of important updates. Additionally, we offer webforms for your franchisees to use to update their information, ensuring that the process is quick and easy. Plus, we provide the opportunity to verify the information before it goes into Information Manager, giving you peace of mind that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

ON-DEMAND: Plan for Change

Ensure smooth transitions with Opener’s powerful franchise management tools. Our system allows you to easily transfer ownership while retaining past owner information, giving you a complete picture of your franchisee relationships. Plus, we offer transfer and termination action checklists that allow you to track these events and ensure that you have a standard procedure in place. And with FranConnect, you can keep multi-unit owners’ information correct and give them access to all of their units at once, streamlining your franchise management process.

ON-DEMAND: Secure Your Data

Utilize user types and roles to limit what users can see, and deactivate users when they no longer require access. You can even give franchise users unit admin access, so they can administer their own users. Plus, we offer robust password security and personally identifiable information (PII) protection, so you can trust that your sensitive data is secure.