A restaurant owner talks to the head chef during a meeting

How to Do Ongoing Franchisee Monitoring Right

Periodic site visits, audits, & check-ins can easily be viewed as punitive. Having the right approach & technology is crucial to franchisee engagement.
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A male employee teaches a female how to create a cocktail

Employee Training and Development Best Practices

The Employee Training and Development Policy is otherwise known as Staff Training and Development Policy or Employee Development Policy.
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A laptop that says "E-Learning" on the screen

The Role of Ongoing Support: How Franchisors are Providing Training for Front-Line Employees

Training your front-line employees has never been so crucial as it is today! Learn about the world of online training & ongoing employee support here.
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Two men review a laptop screen together

Why Training Your Frontline Employees Is Pivotal to Your Business’s Success

Learn why training frontline employees is pivotal to your business’s success. Request a demo of FranConnect's frontline employee training solution today!
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A bored employee works in a greenhouse

How Can Your Company Overcome The Decline In Employee Engagement

Declining employee engagement has been a trend in recent years, but your company can overcome it! Here are some tips and tricks to help your...
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