Management Software for Pest Control Companies

Whether you plan to scale your pest control business within your city or you’re taking operations nationwide, FranConnect offers a convenient way to keep all your franchises in the loop. Our all-in-one platform organizes your information in one cloud-based system so your teams can work efficiently toward shared goals.

What Can Our Pest Control Software Do?

FranConnect allows pest control businesses to share a brand idea and vision across multiple locations. Our cloud-based software connects all your marketing, sales, operations, support and finance departments so you can: 

  • Earn more revenue: The platform allows you to manage communication with your list of potential customers automatically, so you can increase your bookings for inspections and pest control services.
  • Monitor performance: A single system with visible dashboards and reports measures your performance and business objectives. You can keep each unit accountable for its various pest control services and revenue.
  • Centralize your data: Keep all your employee onboarding and training procedures, service requests, finance details and contact information organized in one place.
  • Attract more customers: A marketing strategy with localized and personalized campaigns can build your brand awareness.
  • Build a collaborative network: The sharing of accurate and consistent information, such as the best inspection or extermination practices, keeps everyone on the same page while franchises grow.
  • Streamline your pest control expansion: A franchise development tool makes it easier to carry over consistent quality and expectations as your brand grows and reaches new locations.

Trusted by Leading Pest Control Brands Globally

Why Should You Invest in a Partnership With FranConnect?

FranConnect is a leader in franchise and multilocation management software. Our mission is to help businesses streamline their operations and improve their profitability as they expand. So far, we’ve served over 1500 brands of all industries, sizes and growth phrases. 

We’re headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, and have offices in Canada, Colombia, Australia and India. You can explore our success stories to see how we’ve served franchises and multi-location brands in over 350,000 areas across the globe. 

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