Leverage FranConnect’s Quality Management Solution, RizePoint, to Ensure Compliance and Quality in Food Manufacturing and Packaging

Quality Management Software
Designed for Food Manufacturing, Processing, and Packaging

The food manufacturing, processing, and packaging industry faces a wide range of compliance challenges, including food safety, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance. At RizePoint, we offer a suite of solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of this industry, including:

  • Food safety management
  • HACCP compliance
  • Supplier management
Quality Management Software

Supplier Compliance Management

A Better experience for you and your suppliers.

Ensuring supplier compliance is essential to protect your business from financial, brand, and regulatory exposure. With FranConnect’s RizePoint supplier compliance and risk management solutions, you can stay on top of food safety and compliance management while saving time. 

Our platform combines advanced automation technology with a team of professionals who engage suppliers on your behalf. 

FranConnect’s RizePoint makes it easy to share documents both within and outside your network. With our solution, you can prepare for audits, evaluate document compliance, and spot key information from easy-to-read reports and graphical data presentations. Say goodbye to paper files and documents in binders, and hello to stress-free supplier compliance with RizePoint. 

Corrective Action Plans for Facility Management

Facility Quality Management

Protect Your Brand and Ensure Compliance Across All Locations.

Your brand is the heart of your business, but it isn’t just about the external appearance of your business. Great branding lives behind the scenes — it’s the invisible policies and procedures that ultimately deliver an exceptional brand experience to your customers. Brand encompasses every single detail of your processes, including how well you manage the dozens to hundreds of facilities, stores, and franchises in your business. 

Great facility management is about striving to maintain compliance standards across your business so customers can experience brand consistency at every location. The challenge comes in keeping track of the smallest details, which can translate to hundreds of thousands of data points when your business has several locations. The solution is finding ways to automate processes, clarify communication, and get lightning-fast reporting — RizePoint is your solution. 

Corrective Action Plans for Facility Management
Food Safety Line Check Audit Daily

Food Safety Management

Proven Food Safety Software Solutions to Reduce Risk & Protect Your Brand.

There are many sources of potential contamination, making food safety management complex at best. When you use outdated, manual processes — such as laminated checklists, file cabinets, and even spreadsheets — your business is vulnerable to more risks that can result in costly liabilities. 

When you modernize your food safety management system, you get time-tested tools that help your team gather and analyze data, so you can quickly address hotspots and help high-risk locations. 

Hear Our Customers Tell Their Stories

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“Compared to all the other companies we were looking at, it was pretty easy to tell that RizePoint employees were really on board with helping us and really wanted to help us grow. It’s been invaluable.”

Vice President of Operations at ASI
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For more than 10 years, Arby’s harnessed RizePoint for its internal assessment—the Arby’s Operations Review (A.O.R.)—a 200+ question, comprehensive assessment of performance in front- and back-of-house operations and policies related to Food Safety, Arby’s Standards, and Guest Experience (e.g., quality, order accuracy, speed of service, staff friendliness, cleanliness, and team engagement).

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“All the audit forms are included in RizePoint, and the operator can complete the audit paper-free, which saves them a lot of prep time.

Director of Operations at Landmark Restaurant Group

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