FranConnect is sponsoring FCXC 2024! Image features the FCXC logo on a blue background with orange and white accents.

FranConnect’s Presence at FCXC 2024

Welcome to the world of franchising excellence! This year, FranConnect is proud to be a key sponsor at the 2024 Franchise Customer Experience Conference (FCXC),...
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A McDonald's at night

Inspect What You Expect: Achieving Quality Control and Brand Consistency

“The Founder” is a 2016 movie based on Ray Kroc and McDonald’s origin story, which won critical acclaim for Michael Keaton. In one important scene,...
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Tech Consolidation

Beginning with the END in MIND: The Argument for Technology Consolidation

Have you considered that when building your “tech-stack” that it can be very much like owning a house. Initially you tackle several DIY projects such...
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A restaurant owner talks to the head chef during a meeting

How to Do Ongoing Franchisee Monitoring Right

Periodic site visits, audits, & check-ins can easily be viewed as punitive. Having the right approach & technology is crucial to franchisee engagement.
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A man's hand next to digitized stats

10 Ways to Leverage Unit-Level Performance Data for Franchise Growth

Here are 10 ways you can start leveraging unit-level performance data for franchise growth! We discuss choosing the right metrics, trust building, & more!
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A group of people from all different professions

Consistency is Key: A Field Operations Blueprint for Franchise COOs

No matter if your franchise is a mature or emerging brand, all successful franchises use these 5 basic principles of effective field operations. Read here!
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