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Live Webinar Tips Tricks_July 12

How to setup new lead email parsing in the Sales application

Tips & Tricks in 15 Series

Join us for a webinar on Email Parsing Lead Capture in FranConnect. Learn how to streamline the process of extracting field data from emails and adding leads from Third Party Websites/Vendors with ease. Discover the benefits of Email Parsing, including monitoring and extracting information from incoming email messages, avoiding manual input of contacts/leads, and increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Don’t miss out on automating the process of capturing contacts/leads and processing bulk data effortlessly. Register now to optimize your lead capture process!

Live Webinar Tips Tricks_July 26

Welcome Emails/System Emails

Tips & Tricks in 15 Series

Communicate with your team and keep them updated! Did you know you can change the email templates your staff and partners receive? This sets the tone and action items for everyone.

Follow along in this Tips & Tricks in 15 webinar on how to update your automated communications.

Live Webinar Tips Tricks_August 9

SMS options in FranConnect Sales

Tips & Tricks in 15 Series

Did you know that you can send SMS text messages from FranConnect to your leads?  In this webinar, we will review options to set up SMS within FranConnect. We will also discuss workflow best practices to alert you whenever a lead replies to an SMS.

If this topic interests you, join us for this Tips & Tricks in 15 webinar.

Live Webinar Tips Tricks_August 23

Basics of Opener Checklist Views

Tips & Tricks in 15 Series

Opener is a powerful tool to help you open your locations quickly.  One of the best things to do is to setup your views so that you see the information the way that you want to.  This session will walk you through setting up checklist and task views in Opener that get you the information you need!

Follow along in this Tips & Tricks in 15 webinar to learn more.

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