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Intro to Royalty Manager

Register for our upcoming training webinar to learn how to effortlessly produce and evaluate Sales Reports, Profit and Loss statements, and Key Performance Indicators. Uncover the secrets to efficiently applying payments, managing royalty information, credit/debit memos, and electronic funds transactions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your franchise management process.


Intro to Training

Join our newest training webinar and discover the benefits of FranConnect’s Training module! With our intuitive platform, you can easily set up role-based training for franchisees and their front-line employees. Not only can you create tests and certification programs, but you’ll also have the ability to track progress. Dive into plans, courses, and lessons, challenge yourself with quizzes, and monitor your advancement. Transform your training process with FranConnect’s Training module!


Intro to Hub

Introducing FranConnect’s Hub module! Join our upcoming training webinar to explore how this incredible tool can revolutionize your franchise operations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Hub’s functionality and how to optimize it with your own content.


Intro to Info Manager

Join us for a FranConnect training webinar where you will discover the power of Information Manager, the comprehensive franchise information system.

Don’t miss the opportunity to customize Information Manager to suit your needs and enhance communication with franchisees.


Intro to Opener

Discover howFranConnect’s Opener can seamlessly transfer leads from the sales process to location owners. With customizable checklists and milestone tracking, you’ll ensure a smooth journey to the first revenue day. Plus, receive helpful reminder emails for upcoming and overdue tasks.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your opening checklists.


Intro to Sales

FranConnect’s Sales module empowers users to seamlessly bring in leads from various sources and effortlessly track their progress throughout your sales process. With the ability to assign tasks to lead owners and monitor lead responses to FDD and qualification documents, you can stay on top of every interaction. You can even automate timely outreach at different stages of the lead’s journey, ultimately leading them towards a sale or reaching their goal.


Intro to Visits

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a proficient user of the Field Ops tool set. During the course, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge on building question libraries for site evaluation visits, scheduling and conducting site visits, and generating comprehensive reports using FranConnect Mobile.

Learn why FranConnect customers grow 44% faster and outperform their competitors