Solutions for Emerging Brands

Now new and emerging brands can get the big tools.

There is a clear and definite ROI for using FranConnect whether you are using one module or multiple. For Buffalo Wings & Rings it improved the communication with our franchisees and thus improved satisfaction significantly. In addition, as a result of using the franchise development tool, we have experienced franchise sales growth through streamlining the process and better engagement with our prospects

Affordable, scalable software to drive growth and manage unit-level economics.

Emerging-growth franchise brands with less than 100 locations need affordable, scalable tools to focus on expansion, unit level economics, and efficiency.

The FranConnect Velocity Pack program extends the power of FranConnect giving your emerging brand access to affordable, out-of-the-box scalable tools that help grow unit expansion, revenue, and profitability; and improve franchisee relations – without the learning curve.

Velocity Packs is a complete franchise management system that can be rapidly deployed with the team you have – so you can focus on scaling your business instead of the underlying management of it.

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