Solutions Overview

FranConnect’s Powerful Cloud Platform Can Help You Grow, Scale and Optimize Your Business

Navigate the franchise growth journey with leading solutions for managing unit expansion, maximizing unit profitability and franchisee engagement.

Close deals and open units faster

Close deals and open units faster >

Qualify, nurture, and convert leads into high performing franchisees. Then reduce opening times and days to first dollar with the #1 performance management technology built for franchising.

Streamline Operational Data

Streamline Operational Data >

Optimize field system-wide performance with tools that link goals with insights and actions – while simplifying royalty management.

Increase Unit Revenue

Increase Unit Revenue >

Generate new and repeat business, drive measurable marketing performance with omni-channel marketing tools, and ensure on-brand franchisee growth.

Drive Franchisee Engagement

Drive Franchisee
Engagement >

Build strong and supportive relationships with your franchisees and encourage active participation in the collective growth of your franchise.

Improve Unit Profitability

Improve Unit Profitability >

Connect everything and simplify data sharing for more informed decision making and actions.

Train Front-line Employees >

Improve onboarding and engagement while monitoring engagement success.

Emerging Brands: Now new and re-emerging brands get the big tools

Emerging Brands: Now new and re-emerging brands get the big tools >

Grow unit expansion, revenue, and profitability while improving franchisee relations, with out-of-the-box franchise management tools built for emerging franchisors.