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“With FranConnect we have the ability to look at analytics to see trends & averages. We can see how we’re doing & what we need to focus on per category. The intuitive report platform takes our data & puts it into a powerful analytical report that shows our progress overall, scores on key indicators in the company, & on areas of focus.” ~Chris Hammond, Regional Franchise Director

The FranConnect platform includes a CRM module that allows franchisors to monitor each unit in their organization with a single solution. Our software is perfect for coffee shops and other restaurant businesses wanting to track key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing franchisors to manage territories and track the success of marketing campaigns. Based on specific feedback, these tools enable managers to create a more personalized guest experience and increase customer retention.

FranConnect’s franchising CRM for restaurants also helps managers onboard new units and employees while storing valuable franchise resources, like operations manuals, best practices and marketing materials. Our platform integrates easily with third-party applications, including social media platforms that help monitor online reviews and customer feedback.

KPIs for Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Other Businesses in the Food Industry

One of the strengths of FranConnect’s CRM platform is its ability to track critical KPIs for a single restaurant unit or throughout the entire franchise. Several examples of the areas and specific metrics these KPIs cover include:

  • Sales and marketing: This category uses indicators like product success, number of transactions and average check size to identify potential strengths and weaknesses.
  • Service: Examples of service metrics include speed of service, customer retention rate (CRR) and net promoter score (NPS).
  • Expenses: Metrics in this category can involve labor costs, food costs and food cost variance.
  • Employees: Employee metrics can cover employee turnover rate (ETR) and employee net promoter score (eNPS).

Advantages of Partnering With FranConnect

At FranConnect, our teams strive to help restaurant franchises operate more efficiently and increase business with the industry’s top CRM platform for restaurant franchise management. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with each client, offering continuous support for growth and success. We have delivered high-performance solutions to some of the world’s most recognized restaurant brands for decades.

Restaurants that choose our CRM platform for restaurant franchise management grow significantly faster than the competition, regardless of the size of their organization or specialty. We are the industry’s only provider that offers a platform that enables a restaurant franchise to grow from end to end.

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