FranConnect Opener

Streamline the franchisee onboarding process

Improve team coordination during the onboarding and opening process and speed your days to first dollar. With Opener, area reps, new owners, and headquarters personnel can proactively manage projects, quickly resolve issues and keep the process moving forward, while sharing best practices and critical knowledge.

Amplify Expertise Across Your Organization

Manage Critical Tasks in One Place

Designed exclusively for franchising, FranConnect Opener reduces delays, miscommunication, and inefficiencies by managing all coordination tasks in one place – construction, training, grand opening, and more. So, you open on-time, every time.

Optimizing Franchisee Performance

Improve Stakeholder Collaboration

Get visibility into every step of the onboarding process with productivity and collaboration tools that connect stakeholders to key documents, project plans, and milestones in real-time.

Gain Visibility into Business Health

Streamline Critical Tasks

Automate vital tasks such as compliance and regulatory requirements. Proactively identify dependencies and milestones and track every step with notifications and status reporting – so you never miss a deadline.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Units

Navigate with Transparency

Avoid delays and quickly resolve issues. Checklist templates offer transparency and consistency to everyone on your team. Your opening team and franchisees will know what to do and when to do it.

Centralize Operational Elements

Stay Connected with the FranConnect Mobile App

Use the FranConnect Mobile App to keep the onboarding process moving – anytime, anywhere.

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