Self-Storage Business Solutions From FranConnect

FranConnect offers innovative solutions to help your self-storage company meet business goals and objectives. Whether you need to optimize performance and operations or want to maintain brand consistency as you expand to new locations, depend on FranConnect’s management software to deliver convenient, intuitive tools and resources that adapt to your unique franchise.

What Our Platform Can Do for Your Self-Storage Business

FranConnect’s cloud-based platform enables you to improve:

  • Customer relationships: The FranConnect platform can benefit customer relationship management (CRM) for your self-storage company, enabling you to connect with potential customers through automated communication. With more personalized content, you can attract more customers, create more loyal relationships and generate more revenue.
  • Data organization: Create a single source of truth to keep all your departments informed and focused on business goals. With all your operational data organized in one location, you can simplify information storage and sharing for smoother communication and greater accuracy.
  • Performance: Monitor and evaluate unit-level performance with easily accessible dashboards and reports, all available in a single system. Track progress, set goals and encourage improvement at each location for brand-wide success and growth.
  • Engagement: When you build stronger connections with your locations, you encourage more engagement and growth for your brand. With the FranConnect platform, you can improve relationships, set expectations and involve each of your locations in reaching business goals.
  • Growth: FranConnect offers the scalable tools you need to make growth easy. As you launch new locations and expand your self-storage offerings, you can share your brand vision across locations and empower your locations to succeed.
  • Communication: Every department, from sales to finance, is on the same page about business operations and growth plans. Easily share consistent and accurate information with all your teams.

Trusted by Many Self Storage Brands

Advantages You'll Gain When Partnering With FranConnect

FranConnect is an industry leader in franchise management software, so you can trust us to deliver benefits such as:

  • Experienced service:¬†FranConnect has served over 1,500 brands since 2000, providing the expertise that franchises of all sizes and industries need to meet their goals, streamline their growth and maintain brand consistency.
  • Innovative products:¬†Our team stays updated on the latest news and technological advancements so we can give the informed, expert services and advice your industry demands.
  • Comprehensive resources:¬†We are dedicated to your success, which is why we offer resources, such as¬†tech buyer guides¬†and¬†best practices for franchises, designed to help you grow your brand.
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