How Can a CRM Grow Your Business

A customer relationship management (CRM) system helps companies track, monitor, analyze, and report on different types of customer data. Your company can later use data to predict customer buying patterns and develop sound marketing strategies through strong and personalized customer relationships.

When franchises want to grow their business, having a streamlined platform to view customer information, such as contact information, preferences, buying trends, or shopping challenges, can help them build strong customer relationships.

Using a CRM system for a franchise can be highly beneficial. For example, a CRM can assist with the following:

  • Scheduling:¬†Team members can quickly schedule meetings and engage with customer and client timelines.
  • Engagement:¬†Drive powerful customer engagement through a well-planned CRM system that allows you to look at customer information in one place.
  • Automation:¬†A CRM is entirely automated, making it easy to send emails, text reminders, or other notifications to customers and staff members. You can also automate helpful reports and customer tracking data.
  • Productivity:¬†Staff can focus on high-value tasks and leave behind manual tasks for automated software.
  • Communication:¬†Communicate effectively across all platforms with clients and staff members.
  • Workflow:¬†Ensure a seamless workflow with a CRM system in your marketing and sales operations.

Without customer relationship management software, franchises will likely lose out on potential customer relationships and sales opportunities. Automation helps free up time staff members may have been spending on manual tasks like phone calls and email writing. Your sales and marketing teams can use data from CRM platforms to inform their next advertisement or build personalized sales pitches for customers. Building a solid customer relationship starts with reliance on a good CRM system.

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How Does a CRM Help Sales?

The right CRM software helps your sales by tracking and managing potential customers through a sales pipeline. Many CRM systems have specific features designed to help you automate mundane or time-consuming tasks, leaving your team free to work on what really draws in customers.

For example, CRM systems help you manage customer data more easily. Perhaps you want to organize data like customer preferences, buying habits, or seasonal trends. A CRM platform allows you to organize and locate data points whenever and wherever you need them, freeing time for your sales representatives. Now, they can spend more time focusing on selling to the right customers rather than organizing, collecting, and coordinating information.

The Importance of CRM for Response Rates

Responding to potential leads quickly and effectively is one of the most important parts of sales. But many leads end up falling by the wayside, whether due to negligence or lack of response time. For example, many sales teams’¬†average lead response time is 47 hours, with some leads not getting contacted at all. This delay means many customers won’t receive your company’s messages or find out about your product.

Using a CRM system can automate and organize your leads, helping your sales team improve their response rates. Businesses that reach out to customers within an hour are more likely to have an impactful conversation. Responding quickly to leads can mean more sales, and timing emails for specific customers may increase conversions.

How CRM Helps Businesses Improve Sales

A CRM can help your business improve its sales through several means. From focusing your sales pipeline to increasing engagement or automating responses, your team can increase response rates and drive more customers to your business. Here are nine sales benefits of a CRM:

  • Growth:¬†Make confident decisions for your company and close deals faster by tracking and prioritizing leads.
  • Function:¬†Streamline your operations and track your return on investment (ROI) through easy-to-use software.
  • Engagement:¬†Maintain customer engagement using email schedules, campaign tools, and customer identification software.
  • Automation:¬†Automate your email and text responses to increase response rates and sales.
  • Deals:¬†View your sales pipeline in one place and monitor your performance.
  • Compliance:¬†Ensure compliance and eliminate third-party fees by tracking receipts and paperwork.
  • Personalization:¬†Integrate your CRM with other tools for streamlined communication and organization.
  • Productivity:¬†Increase productivity by keeping team members focused and freeing time for important tasks.

A CRM franchise management software can help find the right customers

Find the Right Customer and Build Solid Customer Relationships

Using CRM franchise management software can help you find the right customers for your business while building solid customer relationships. Reaching the right customers is essential to bring in a higher amount of sales. An automated, well-organized CRM platform assists your team members in building solid relationships by streamlining the sales process.

One of the best ways to reach the right customers is to establish a strong relationship and build trust. Customers want to know that your company’s products and services are reliable and helpful. CRM systems can gather data about customer preferences and needs to determine specific ways to reach and keep them engaged. When you show you understand your client’s wants and needs, customers are more likely to trust your business.

Another way to develop a strong customer relationship is to make your company stand out from the competition. Whether through the product itself or exceptional customer service, clients want to know they are important and their needs are being met. Show that you can keep up with fast response times and helpful service to keep customers coming back.

CRM systems can also help you better understand your customers’ business and shopping practices. You can view their history of interacting with your company and use the information to build a strong relationship of trust and success. Here are a few other ways that CRMs can improve your customer relationships:

  • Explore:¬†Explore what challenges your customers are facing and what products really matter to them. Next, take follow-up steps to improve your sales tactics by understanding their goals and preferences. Record all this information in your CRM system and find the data whenever you need it.
  • Engage:¬†Recommend the right services to encourage customers to engage with relevant products and special promotions. Find out what customers need by studying what they’ve purchased, how they use certain products, and what relevant content or information might be helpful to them.
  • Scale:¬†Build and develop your one-on-one relationships through personalized sales, email templates, task reminders, and phone calls to help you contact customers quickly.

Streamline Business Processes and Improve Organization

The best CRM for franchises can help grow your business with streamlined and organized processes. Customer relationship management software can make client communications faster and easier by organizing customer contact information and data in one place. Sales representatives no longer have to spend time gathering contact information before calling or emailing customers. The CRM platform can comprise groups or sets of relevant customers, email them personalized messages, and keep up with buying and shopping trends.

Another way that a CRM can help your business is by keeping track of leads and improving lead response time. As stated before, many leads can fall to the wayside without the proper organization, documentation, or correspondence. A CRM gives staff members reminders and goals on reaching out to customers quickly to increase sales and profits.

A CRM system may also help your company track the lead sources to determine where the best customers come from. Leads may be sourced from anywhere ‚ÄĒ social media ads, email campaigns, or online content. You can track data from each area and determine where most of your leads are originating. Once you have this information, sales and marketing team members can focus on drawing specific customers from those leads and increasing profit.

The process of sales development for franchises can be highly complex. However, using a CRM can simplify the process of selling a product or service. When the CRM streamlines your organizational methods, your company can focus on pitches that imagine your products as more than just items. They’re a business endeavor or a change in scenery. You can focus on building genuine relationships that keep your best customers engaged and feeling appreciated.

Improve Customer Service and Employee Productivity

Using the right technology and resources, such as a reliable CRM system, can help your business improve its customer service and employee productivity. CRM systems organize and automate your processes while providing resources such as customer engagement data, buyer information, and other relevant documents that you might not otherwise have easy access to.

A CRM platform also helps your employees spend more time on high-value tasks. Many businesses find their teams struggling to maintain productive work hours when their time is consumed with manual, low-value tasks like finding contact information, entering data, or building lists and schedules from scratch. A CRM system can organize and automate many tasks, making completing sales pitches and email campaigns easier than ever in record time. You won’t have to wait for employees to search for contact information or finish entering data. A CRM platform takes customer data and compiles records and information on its own, allowing your employees to focus on what really matters ‚ÄĒ selling your products and services.

CRM systems also help you connect with more customers. By depending on an automated system, your employees have more time to build strong customer relationships. From your sales representatives to your customer service team to your marketing members, employees can spend more time speaking with potential customers and strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Transparent Reporting on Marketing and Sales Initiatives

A CRM system can help you improve transparent reporting for your marketing and sales initiatives. Track what sources may bring you the most leads and work to create marketing or sales goals around those areas. For example, you may discover that your email campaigns or social media channels bring in more customers than your website or cold calls. A CRM system automatically analyzes lead sources and suggests the best areas to focus your initiatives. Sales teams can also use this information for future reporting.

Your sales process also becomes more streamlined when you use a CRM system. Improve customer retention by creating reports on various sales leads and customer information. A CRM platform lets you see which initiatives perform well and which need more work. You can then put your money into operations that perform better and bring in more customers or appeal to repeat customers.

By reinvesting in sources that yield the greatest ROI, your company can improve its processes and increase sales. A CRM system can be a reliable way to track your sales pipeline and focus on real-time reports of customer data and incoming profits.

How to use a CRM in business sales intiatives

How to Use CRM in Business Sales Initiatives

Using a CRM for your business sales initiatives allows you to track leads and decide how many to assign to team members at each stage. A CRM system organizes your sales and marketing processes so you can use reports effectively. Here are a few reports that a CRM system helps you to manage:

  • Total leads:¬†Track your total number of leads per month or marketing channel.
  • Cost per lead:¬†Analyze the cost of each lead for every marketing channel.
  • Buyer conversion rates:¬†Track each lead according to their conversion rates and corresponding marketing channels.
  • Cost:¬†Track the price of each new sales initiative or franchise endeavor.
  • Closing rates:¬†Analyze your closing rates for each of your sales representatives.
  • Averages:¬†Track your company’s overall averages according to each lead type.

You can make better business decisions by analyzing and tracking consistent information about your leads. When you have a reliable CRM system, you can see significant improvements in your marketing strategies.

Partner with FranConnect to grow your business

Partner With FranConnect to Grow Your Business

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However you choose to use our platforms, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our customer relationship management platform helps your business increase profits and grow into a successful company. Improve your daily operations by learning what your customers want and need and cater your sales and marketing operations towards that data.

As a leading franchise management software provider, we give your company the necessary solutions to scale your business. Every part of your franchise can be on the same page, from your sales and marketing teams to your CEO, performance managers, and executive leaders. Use the CRM platform to organize and manage customer data anytime and anywhere.

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