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CRM Software for the Automotive Industry

“FranConnect understands franchising – not only is it a platform, it helps you establish the best practices necessary in order to succeed and to build your system.”

Nearly every aspect of the automotive industry has changed over the last few decades. Clients demand an exceptional customer experience, regardless of the type or size of the operation. Whether you work in a small automotive repair shop or manage a large car dealership, prioritizing superior customer service is critical.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help improve the customer buying journey, increasing sales and revenue for your business. FranConnect offers top-class CRM tools for managers that provide visibility throughout an entire franchise, helping franchisors establish uniformity in each unit. Franchises rely on our tools to improve communication, nurture potential leads and generate valuable reports on overall performance.

CRM Software for Car Dealerships, Auto Repair Shops and Other Automotive Businesses

At FranConnect, we offer a comprehensive franchise management platform that enables administrators to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for each unit in the franchise. We provide a tailor-made suite of services for nearly any business type within the automotive industry. Examples of the operations that benefit from our CRM tools range from aftermarket parts suppliers and car dealerships to automotive repair garages and body shops.

We base our platform on years of valuable data from some of the market’s most recognized automotive brands. Our CRM package helps onboard new dealerships or repair shops while helping to optimize employee training. Our platform also easily integrates with third-party software to maximize your franchise’s overall performance.

Critical KPIs for the Auto Industry

The most complex challenge for an automotive franchise lies in creating success for each unit within the organization. Demographics can significantly affect how a franchise unit approaches a customer base. Using proven KPIs for the automotive industry can help a franchise set goals and monitor them over time.

Category examples and metric specifics include the following:

  • Sales and marketing: Star ratings and customer reviews are critical drivers for all companies in the auto industry. Tracking these reviews and other sales metrics — like customer acquisition and quote capture rates — is essential for evaluating performance and maintaining a dedicated client base.
  • Operations: A service team’s performance is another crucial factor in customer retention. Examples of metrics in this category include productivity, efficiency percentage and cycle time.

Benefits of Choosing FranConnect for Automotive CRM Software

For years, FranConnect has provided franchises of all types and sizes in the automotive industry with the best CRM tools and management solutions. Our platform is essential for franchises wanting to expand and increase revenue. We aim to establish lasting partnerships with each client, helping them nurture growth throughout all stages of development.

FranConnect is the only service provider offering a solution to optimize a franchise end to end, from sales and marketing to daily operations and employee training.

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