FranConnect is the technology leader in Enterprise Franchise Management Systems and provides solutions to some of the largest and fastest growing franchise organizations in the world.


FranConnect’s typical customers are organizations that are looking for rapid franchise growth and reduced operating costs.

FranConnect is the most complete solution that addresses the key components of the business that all franchisors need. It enhances our productivity in our day-to-day operations.

Mike Bidwell
President and CEO
The Dwyer Group

FranConnect streamlines and automates franchise sales and new store development processes. We were able to install quickly and have immediate results.

Michael Mettler
Director National Franchise Sales
American Dairy Queen Corp.

We have used the Intranet services of FranConnect for several years. It is important to have a well designed Intranet system that is user friendly, robust, continuously reliable and a key resource for all franchise owners. I’m delighted to say that FranConnect fits the bill!

Mary C. Rogers
Founder and CEO

A key to building a successful franchise organization is consistent engagement and communication between the franchisor and franchisees. We put on over 360 units in the last 18 months, and we rely on FranConnect’s systems to facilitate the critical flow of information. With FranConnect, we have the ability not only to send out all the necessary information, but we can tell who received it, when they received it, and whether they reviewed it.

John Rotche
Title Boxing Club

We have been doing business with FranConnect for the last two years. Early this year, we began using their Intranet Module as our primary form of communication to our network. Before, during, and since the implementation they have consistently been responsive to our needs. We have requested several customized features. Our Account Representative, Vincent Fayle has been very quick to help us in finding solutions, presenting us with quotes for cost, and ensuring that the changes are implemented in a very timely manner. One of the things that impressed me the most is that they serve in a consultative capacity for us. Like most business people, we are not IT experts. They help us bridge the gap from system capabilities to help us meet our business needs. They have also helped us understand how to optimize the system to increase our efficiencies.

Beth Jones
President, Training and Communications

Instead of hiring someone in-house or reaching out to another company that didn’t understand franchising, we chose FranConnect, and we haven’t looked back.

Robert Falconi
President and CEO
Precision Tune Auto Care

When we were looking for a better way to manage our sales leads, someone recommended that we look at solutions from FranConnect. One of the areas that sold us on FranConnect was the modular aspect of their system-allowing us to add other applications to manage our franchise business, while conveniently accessing them from the same portal. While we initially focused on franchise recruitment, it was very easy to work with the FranConnect team to add additional modules, including the Intranet, Franchise Information Manager, and Financial modules that we now use as well.We would certainly recommend FranConnect’s solutions to any company looking for an efficient and cost effective way to manage the various aspects of their franchise organization.

Jim Blackburn
Director of IT & Communications
Instant Imprints

The Young Rembrandts Franchise System has been using FranConnect for approximately 18 months, and it has become an invaluable tool for both franchisees and Corporate Office staff members alike. From the Franchise Sales module to the Intranet Library, FranConnect increases the productivity and efficiency of the entire system. We have one point of reference for all data pertaining to our franchisees as well as one source to refer our franchisees to gather information.

FranConnect allows our franchisees to create dialogue with one another, and we can save best practices and knowledge for future reference by new members to the system. FranConnect allows Corporate team members the ability to dialogue with one another as well and to keep all pertinent and up-to-date records on all franchisees.

Since the inception of our contract with them, the FranConnect team has provided prompt and knowledgeable customer service, and they are willing to work with us to provide affordable options for customization and updates. We appreciate their professionalism and experience in implementing this functional tool for our system.

Julie Rhodes
Director of Technology Support
Young Rembrandts

FranConnect is amazingly powerful and versatile. The FranConnect team continuously looks for ways to make it better so we can leverage its system to grow even faster with greater value. Their team is very knowledgeable both technically and with business insights, so that the final product is amazingly powerful and scalable.

Gary Chin
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Franchise Officer
Ace Sushi

Blimpie, America’s Sub Shop – part of the Kahala family of franchises, has been actively utilizing FranConnect as our primary lead management system for over a year now. I’ve found that managing my own leads, tracking thousands of prospects and dozens of users has never been easier. Monthly reports in just a few clicks and prospect email campaigns has been a very powerful tool for us. As a result, Kahala is currently in the process of integrating more of our brand portfolio into the FranConnect lead management system.

Ted Milburn
Director of Franchise Development

We have been using FranConnect for over 6 years and it has become an integral part of our success. We use FranConnect to sell new franchises, track legal and compliance data, collect sales data from franchisees, and manage our royalties. We have found FranConnect to be an extremely responsive company, providing immediate feedback on any of our needs and concerns 24/7.

Dick Deerin
Executive Vice President
Decorating Den Interiors

We chose the FranConnect Franchise Management Suite because it is a cost effective integrated solution that allows us to manage all our franchise operations – Sales, lead management, marketing, sales data collection and reporting, electronic royalty collection, franchisee websites, support and training from a single integrated web based platform. There is no expensive hardware or software investment involved from our side, yet the system provides our franchisees and corporate users with a sophisticated web based management system that is globally accessible. We look forward to reducing our expenditures and overhead related to the maintenance of our current distributed systems and are very excited about the operational enhancements that FranConnect brings with it.

Sakib Khan
Director, IT
Decorating Den Interiors

We are LOVING FranConnect!

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