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IHOP Company Standards

For 55 years, the IHOP family restaurant chain has served its world-famous pancakes to guests in an affordable, everyday dining experience. The famous brand began with the first International House of Pancakes restaurant in 1958 in Toluca Lake, a suburb of Los Angeles. With over 1,500 locations today, IHOP has become one of the most famous brands in America. Landmark Restaurant Group, an IHOP Franchisee Company works hard to deliver the same quality product and service from that initial start-up.
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Operational Challenges

Landmark’s regional managers had a process for conducting regular audits, which included printing multiple forms, compiling them into a large clipboard or binder, and then conducting an audit (completing all the forms and questionnaires). The process took 2-3 hours, on average. Once complete, the manager spent another 1-2 hours typing and manually entering the results, notes, and relevant photos from the audit, creating reports, and sending them to appropriate management. It was then up to the management team to determine how to use the data to impact operations and increase same-store sales.

On top of that, management needed to ensure their regional managers and operators were conducting all of their required audits and that corrective actions were completed and resolved. It goes without saying that this process was incredibly time-consuming, yet critical to the business. Managers were becoming slammed with data, as were their corporate administrative assistants. As a result, Landmark looked to RizePoint as a solution to simplify the process, help manage the data, and save time and resources.

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Time and Cost Stavings

After implementing RizePoint, Landmark began to see immediate time savings. They have found that spending less time conducting and processing audits gives their managers more time to coach their staff, manage processes, and ensure corrective action plans and maintenance requirements are met. Those activities not only impact their customer experience but same-store sales as well—a critical component.


Man making pancakes on a griddle
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Better Use of Data

Data is centrally located on RizePoint’s cloud-based application, giving users real-time access to operational visibility. In addition to overseeing the quality and compliance processes for their stores, Landmark has found a way to utilize data for additional operational gain. Owning each of their stores requires regular maintenance, and they’ve created a process for managing facility tasks and communicating those with the appropriate personnel for completion. Landmark has also been able to use RizePoint as an effective HR tool. With data easily accessible, they are able to see what employees seeking a pay raise have done in terms of saving the company money to help justify an advancement. In some cases, they have been able to use RizePoint to conduct disciplinary action as well.

All the audit forms are included in RizePoint, and the operator can complete the audit paper-free, which saves them a lot of prep time. Once the audit is complete, the data is already captured — meaning no manual data entry! Our managers were thrilled. I would recommend RizePoint to any franchisee. It has helped us improve operations, and based on my experience I know it would be an essential tool for other organizations too.

Chris Belmont
Director of Operations at Landmark Restaurant Group

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