FranConnect Prepares to Make its Enhanced Franchise Software a Highlight of the International Franchise Association’s 2018 Convention

Backed by a network of over 600 franchise brands and 110,000 franchisees, FranConnect is one of the industry’s top suppliers and resources.

With a network of over 600 franchise brands and 110,000 franchisees, FranConnect is in a unique position as an industry expert, making its booth a must-see destination for IFA 2018 attendees. While at the convention, FranConnect will be showcasing what its single, cloud-based management platform can do for brands looking to enhance their business model and leverage previously unseen data.

“There isn’t a better software solution out there for franchisors. From tracking leads to examining performance at every level of the franchise lifecycle, FranConnect is in a league of its own when it comes to understanding the journey that brands take as they grow and evolve,” said FranConnect President Keith Gerson. “We’re ultimately here to help franchisors—and their franchisees—succeed. That’s why we look forward to IFA every year. It’s a great event that allows us to connect with both current and future clients.”

IFA attendees can expect to see a lot at FranConnect’s booth this year—the brand will be highlighting its real-time tracking of prospect and customer interactions as well as its capabilities to automatically enrich contact information based on email addresses, ensure all employees keep the system of record current with their latest sales efforts and easily create contacts and leads directly from Gmail and Outlook. According to Mike Morper, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Management at FranConnect, that integration with Gmail and Outlook is a positive step for FranConnect users.

“One thing that we’re really excited to show off at IFA 2018 is FranConnect Where You Work. The idea behind this program is that we live in a digital world where we’re glued to our iPhones. People are working whenever and wherever they want, whether that’s in the office or at the beach. So, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into extending FranConnect directly into the devices that people are using the most,” Morper said. “FranConnect is now fully integrated with both Gmail and Outlook so that clients can have all of our data right at their fingertips when they’re sending an email. You no longer have to go to the app directly—all of the information that you have in FranConnect will automatically pop up.”

Streamlining the franchising process is par for the course with FranConnect—the brand has a long history of making it easy for franchisees to deliver their latest financials and simplifying the training systems that each individual franchisor has in place. By highlighting these services at IFA, FranConnect is starting off the year on a strong note by expanding its reach even farther than it’s ever been before.

“Having been an integral part of the franchising industry for almost two decades, FranConnect is an unparalleled resource and tool for brands in the industry. Whether your brand is established or emerging, we’re here to provide the help and support that will position you for success,” said Morper. “We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at IFA and showing them how we can make FranConnect work for their brands!”

FranConnect will be exhibiting at IFA throughout the duration of the conference from February 10 to 13. Attendees and other exhibitors can check out booth 513 to learn more about what the brand’s top tier software platform has to offer.