Ten Critical Steps for Franchise Sales Growth

Best in franchising share how they accelerated growth and gained momentum

Earlier this year, some of franchising’s best and brightest came together to discuss the ten critical steps needed to accelerate franchise sales growth and gain the brand momentum so critical to success.
The webinar featured Bill Chemero, executive vice president of franchise development for Wayback Burgers, whose brand is growing at a rate of 22 percent + unit share per year.
FranConnect CEO and President Keith Gerson, CFE, also joined Chemero to discuss four rarely used franchise sales management techniques for turning average sales directors into world-class performers.
Rounding out the panel was Mike Rozman, CFE, and CEO and co-founder of BoeFly, who shared their breakthrough technology bQual, which is designed to help pre-approve franchise prospects while providing them the insight they need to move forward with confidence, which in turn delivers the franchisor a meaningfully higher lead-to-franchise sales conversion rate.
To watch this highly engaging webinar, please click here.