PerformanceWise Franchisee Performance Management

Franchisee Performance Management

An End To Ineffective Inspections


Correlate inspection results with actual KPIs and P&L Improvements

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Inspections that your franchisees welcome instead of dread.

Now field staff can objectively inspect stores for operations, marketing, sales, QA, finance and more, with their smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Online and offline field data entry, action plans and reports.
Follow through and field accountability instrumental to improving compliance, accountability and revenue.

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So What Makes Us Different?

PerformanceWise is a franchisee performance management software that helps franchisors: reduce costs, guide franchisees to measurable success, deliver effective field visits, enable management to keep tabs on progress, reduce turnover, and retain records for reference or future litigation support.

  • Customizable inspection forms with non-compliance task follow up
  • Easily access from your tablet and iphone
  • Lowers costs through automation, reporting and use of virtual inspections
  • Easy to use, deliver and hold parties accountable
  • Because PerformanceWise integrates with FranConnect’s full franchise management system, especially Franchise Information Manager, you get more out of each component when they work together.
Performwise circular flow

Customizable Reports

  • Create on the fly reports and tasks as needed
  • Automated tasks for non-compliance issues
  • Combine operations, marketing, finance, sales, QA reports into one easy to read report
Customizable Reports

Tablet Enabled

  • Use on the road and at franchisee’s location for easy access to information on the fly, record data points immediately and follow up quickly
  • Organized e-files mean no more pen and paper or wasted time looking for information
  • Upload and download pictures for objective emphasis on signage, food preparation, merchandising…
Tablet Enabled

Reporting Dashboards

  • Easy to read graphs and charts
  • Manage franchisee and field staff activity and results
  • View visits done and scheduled
  • View individual tasks that have been created, set alerts, and record what has been done on time and what is remaining.
  • Tracking non-compliance is easy!
Reporting Dashboards

Communications Portal

  • Centralized communications hub online focuses franchisee on past results, current direction and future goals
  • Organizes activities – show franchisee weekly and monthly results and best practices
  • 24/7 support between field manager and individual franchisees – requests and responses are instantaneous
Communications Portal


I often say that if you don’t measure it, don’t expect it to change. PerformanceWise provided Aurelio’s with the ability to identify areas of concern, define action steps for improvement, and measure our progress on an ongoing basis. I can’t overstate the critical role the PerformanceWise program has played in transforming Aurelio’s Pizza into a world-class franchise organization.

Kirk Mauriello, COO
Aurelio’s Pizza

Kirk Mauriello

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  • Track franchisee performance with consistent process – access dashboard reports anytime, anywhere
    • Detailed view of the relationship, and a unified view of field staff / franchisee interactions
  • Communication is documented and tracked for all interactions – should there be litigation – you’re covered
  • Make better and faster decisions with consistent and integrated data
  • Boost staff efficiencies and redirect their focus on business priorities
  • Future development goals are clearly outlined and documented As a result Franchisor:
  • Manages field staff effectiveness – log in and see what’s going on!
  • Reduces field support costs with more efficient process