Franchise Development Solutions

Franchisee Recruitment Manager

Successful franchise sales are dependent on effectively managing the leads while implementing a process that can be easily applied across the entire organization. FranConnect Franchisee Recruitment Manager has been designed specifically for franchise organizations to manage the entire franchisee recruitment process from lead management to the sign-up of a new franchisee.

  • Automated lead collection
  • Track activities
  • Transform your franchise recruitment process and increase lead flow by up to 200%
  • Reduce sales costs by using one platform for all of your franchise recruitment needs
  • Identify prospects with the highest potential for success
  • Analyze your sales results with powerful metrics and FranConnect-created reports

FDD Electronic Manager

Save time and stay organized by sending your FDDs through the internet. Signing FDDs electronically is FTC compliant.

  • Save shipping time with electronic FDD delivery
  • Save money that would have been spent on shipping and postage
  • Ensure FTC compliance with electronic signatures
  • Receive an electronic receipt when the Item 23 is signed
  • Track the status of your FDD, including when it was sent, received, viewed, and signed